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What is CBD Extract or What is CBD Oil?



CBD Oil from CTFO

Just what is CBD Extract?

It is all over the news lately as it is now legal in the entire United States. Usually referred to as CBD Oil, it is a component of the Hemp plant that is showing amazing medicinal uses on an incredible array of health issues; but, really, what is CBD Oil?

The purpose of this article is to help explain what CBD oil is and why you should care. I am not planning on citing every single source and study as I am not trying to create a really technical document here. However, I will provide links to many studies and sites that you may find useful if you would like to dig to a much deeper level to learn more about CBD Extract. I am going to try to keep this at a laymen level so that you can get a good understanding of CBD Oil.

Here is a quick look at the key points we will learn about in this article.

  1. Our bodies are designed to utilize CBD Oil in the Endocannabinoid System that all mammals have.
  2. CBD is only one of 60 cannabinoids found in Hemp. It is the most abundant. We do not know yet if it is the most valuable as more research needs to be done.
  3. Hemp used to be abundant in our lives. Until the last 70 years, we were naturally getting CBD through most of our diets.
  4. CBD Oil is helping us to recover those incredible micro-nutrients that we have lost.
  5. CBD Oil is showing promising results for a wide range of health concerns such as anxiety, sleep, depression, cancer, pain, inflammation, and more.
  6. CBD Oil that meets certain criteria is now legal in the United States
  7. CTFO makes one of the highest quality CBD Oils available.

CBD Oil is being studied for use against cancer, anxiety, depression, insomnia, muscle spasms, pain relief, inflammation, epilepsy, diabetes, and a host of others. This begs the question as to how one compound can be effective against so many issues with the human body. And, it’s not just for humans. CBD Oil for dogs is also growing at an incredible rate for the same issues.  So. let’s try to answer that question, “What is CBD Extract?”

To find out how this is happening requires us to take a look at the human endocannabinoid system. So let’s take a look.

The Human Endocannabinoid System

CBD stands for cannabidiol. Now compare that word to the big word above. Yep, almost the same. That is because our bodies actually have a system designed to use cannabidiol. Wait what? That’s right. Our bodies are designed to use CBD Extract or CBD Oil.

The endocannabinoid system is basically a network of receptors found throughout the bodies of all mammals. These receptors are found throughout the central nervous system as well as the periphery nervous system. In fact, these receptors are found in nearly every major organ in our bodies. These receptors are basically a link between our bodies and our mind. In fact, the endocannabinoids can very easily cross the blood-brain barrier.

what is cbd oil in the human body

This system is involved in things like memory, mood, the feeling of pain, appetite, energy balance, metabolism, stress management, sleep, temperature management, and physical exercise. It is a normal and natural part of our bodies. As you can see this important system plays a role in many parts of our bodies and thus our lives.

The discovery of this system started in approximately 1992 when the first endocannabinoid was discovered by Raphael Mechoulam. The discovery of that compound led to the discovery of the system. So you can see this is a fairly recent discovery and science is studying it very closely. New importance is being discovered all the time.

Hopefully, that gave you a basic understanding of the endocannabinoid system. Now let’s take a look at this compound called CBD.

CBD aka Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol is one specific cannabinoid that can be found in the Hemp plant. It is the most well know cannabinoid and the most abundant in the plant. It is likely that if Hemp wasn’t also Cannabis and where Marijuana comes from, these compounds would have been isolated and found decades before they were. There was never a huge incentive to study a plant for medicinal compounds when the plant itself was being touted as negative.  So, in it’s simplest answer to the question of what is CBD Extract, it is simply the extracted cannabidiol from the Hemp plant.  If you are asking, “What is CBD Oil?” the answer is the same.

The truth is that Hemp plants contain almost no THC to begin with. THC is the component that makes people “high” from the Cannabis plant. We need to remember that CBD and THC are two completely different chemicals and only come from similar plants. They share very little else in common. CBD cannot in any way make someone high. It is not psychoactive.

Hemp Plant for Extracted CBD Oil

The Hemp plant actually contains over 60 different Cannabinoids. CBD, cannabidiol, is just the one we know the most about. The others are being studied around the world because it is believed that each of them may have amazing medicinal effects. We now know that our bodies are actually designed to use these compounds.

Did you know that these cannabinoids used to be a regular part of our diet? It is true. This is a component of the human diet that has been present for a very long time and only recently was it removed from our diets.

Let’s take a look at the history of Hemp to understand this better. It is important to understand this relationship as it helps us understand why we should be taking a very serious look at CBD Oil.

The History of Hemp

The use of hemp fiber dates back over 10,000 years. It has been documented in ancient China and Ancient Egypt. In the 16th century, farmers were asked to grow it in Great Britain as there were so many valuable components in it that were needed by the Navy. Parts of Hemp were used in building almost every part of the Navy’s fleet.

In the 1700s American farmers in Virginia, Massachusetts and Connecticut were required by law to grow hemp. It was actually legal tender and you could pay your taxes with it. Farmers could be jailed for not growing Hemp. The original Declaration of Independence was written on Hemp paper.

Field of Hemp for CBD Oil Production

Thomas Jefferson said, “Hemp is of the first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.” The truth is that we never should have gotten away from the importance of Hemp. And they were just talking about the industrial and food applications at the time. Thomas Jefferson had no idea what an Endocannabinoid System was or why the components in Hemp are so essential for our bodies.

Hemp seeds are so nutritious that they can sustain populations. They were an important food source in the past and could help solve hunger problems now in parts of the world.

In 1941 Henry Ford built a car out of Hemp and Soybean plastic. It was lighter and stronger and could handle impact better than the steel cars.

Hemp was legal in the United States until the 1950s. It became illegal due to the scare of Marijuana. At the time no one had any idea of the incredible value of Hemp in terms of CBD and other cannabinoids. Those compounds hadn’t yet been discovered.

Hemp was a vital part of our country and our country’s food supply. This meant we used to get these much-needed cannabinoids in our diet. We do get other cannabinoids from other plant sources. Some “super foods” contain them which is most likely in part why they are superfoods. High-quality dark chocolate contains cannabinoids. However, in my research, I was unable to find any other source of Cannabidiol or CBD. As we learn more and more about CBD, we know it is really a vital nutrient for our bodies.

If you want to want to read more about the history of hemp you can check out this article.

The History of Hemp

The Loss of Cannabinoids From our Diets

Cannabis / Hemp grows throughout most of the world and on all continents even back in prehistoric times. Hundreds of years ago people used to cook in hemp oil. Many parts of hemp were ground up and used as food. Hemp farms fed hemp to all their livestock. Hemp was grazed upon in the wild by most of the plant-eating animals in the world dating back even to the dinosaurs.

Plant eaters ate the hemp. Meat eaters killed the plant eaters and ate the Hemp out of their digestive tracts. All mammals were getting these essential cannabinoids. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system that needs these compounds.

And then it stopped. With the vilification of hemp came the absence of these essential nutrients from our diets. If we withhold vitamin C from our diets we get scurvy and we can die. And that is just one nutrient that we know of. The lack of hemp in our diets that was previously common is withholding 60 different cannabinoids from our diets. We are only now beginning to understand what we are missing.

Every day in science they discover new phytonutrients from plants. The natural health world has long been telling us that we need to eat whole foods because we don’t even know everything that is in them. Our processed foods have what we would call macronutrients but are often void of the micronutrients. Let me give you a plant analogy as I have a gardening background.

Fertilizers basically have three main nutrients in them. Those nutrients are nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. Those are macronutrients. However, every plant uses other nutrients as well. This has been known for a very long time even when we as humans didn’t know we knew it. You can first see the understanding of the concept of crop rotation on farming land. This goes back hundreds of years.

We learned you could only plant the same plant so many years in the same area before the plant did not produce as well. This was because the specific nutrients that the plant uses were being depleted. When modern fertilizer came out it didn’t really help. It didn’t replace those specific nutrients those plants wanted.

Then specific fertilizers started showing up for things like tomatoes. That is because tomatoes need a lot of calcium that regular fertilizer doesn’t supply. Pumpkins also use a great deal of calcium. Plant those things in the ground too many times and it becomes calcium deficient.

Tomatoes on Table

The same is true of other life besides plants. We eat food for the nutrients we need to survive. Our bodies were built to find everything we needed from the plant and animal kingdom. But, we got sidetracked and started focusing on protein and carbohydrates etc… We lost sight of the tiny micronutrients in our food that we didn’t even know existed. Plus our modern farming techniques have depleted many nutrients from our soil. So the plants we have been eating from this soil have a different nutritional profile than the same plants would have had say 100 years ago. It is certainly possible that has decreased cannabinoids besides CBD from our diets.

Now we know those cannabinoids exist and we need to get them back into our bodies. We are like tomatoes trying to grow in calcium deficient soil. It just doesn’t work well. Yes, the tomato plant grows just like the person grows but the tomato doesn’t produce as well and the people don’t produce as well. Our bodies were designed for certain fuels and we have been denying ourselves some of those fuels.

This is also a reminder that the Hemp plants used to make the CBD have to be of the highest quality possible and grown in the highest quality soil available. CTFO, the brand I use, ensures this in all its crops.

Enter CBD Extract

CBD is extracted from the Hemp plant and being put into consumable forms for us to reclaim our health.

It has been a rough road for it to get here due to its relationship with Marijuana. When I first heard of CBD Oil I sort of ignored it. I thought it was something only available in the states that had legalized Marijuana. I live in Idaho and we are probably a very long way from legalizing it here. So, I never gave it much thought.

When I was recently introduced to it as a product that was, in fact, available to me, I was eager to look into.

I had heard stories and testimonials that were hard to ignore. Some of the issues it was being used for were issues I was dealing with on a daily basis. I was having no luck with those issues through what we may call the conventional medicinal community.


CFTO, the brand of CBD Oil I recommend and sell can be shipped to any State now. I can personally testify to this since I live in Idaho and have received mine.

Are we getting closer to answering the question, “What is CBD Oil?”

What is CBD Oil Used For?

CBD Oil is used for a wide range of things. There are more uses being found almost daily.

CBD Oil for Sleep

I started using CBD Oil for insomnia. I suffered for years with debilitating insomnia and nothing had helped. I found relief with CBD Oil basically from day one. If you want to know more about my personal journey with CBD Oil for sleep you can start with this post —>HERE<— I chronicled my 30 days test of CBD Oil and Sleep Spray with a daily blog post. The results were surprising to me in many ways. At the time of this writing, my trial isn’t even over and the benefits are still increasing.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD Oil for anxiety is another very popular use. When I started my sleep trial one of the first things I noticed was that my anxiety had been replaced with an incredible sense of calm. This was a feeling that seemed very strange to be. It had been years since I had felt this. I can’t honestly tell you if this was from the CBD Oil directly or from the sleep, I was getting and the removal of the OTC sleeping pills I had been taking for over a year. However, if you have suffered from this you know that I don’t really care. Right now it is gone and I am extremely thankful for that now.

CBD Oil for Depression

CBD Oil for Depression goes right along with using it for anxiety. As best as I can tell from my research the CBD actually sends a signal to your body to make more Cannabinoids. These cannabinoids seem to have a regulating effect. And this makes perfect sense. These cannabinoid receptors throughout our body are a direct link to our brain. When these receptors are getting the proper messages, they are better able to communicate with the brain what is going on. So what might have triggered a flight or fight response might now trigger a “no big deal” response. These receptors that help control our moods are better able to do their jobs resulting in better overall mental health.

CBD Oil for Cancer

CBD Oil for Cancer is another area where the research has been amazing. Basically, researchers have found the CBD Oil has been stopping the growth rate of Cancer. It has also been reversing Cancer as well. Now please don’t run out and stop taking your cancer medication. I am certainly not a doctor. I can only tell you what I am finding during my research and what I have experienced through personal use. Here is a whole slew of links that you can check out to do some research of your own on using CBD Oil for Cancer.

CBD Oil for Pain

CBD Oil for pain is another very hot topic right now. With the opioids crisis we are facing in the United States everyone knows something must be done. In fact, CBD is being touted as a treatment to help break the addiction cycle of Opioids. However, it can be utilized in many cases to treat the pain itself. See the next section below for more information on how it helps with pain.

CBD Oil for Inflammation

Most disease in our bodies is caused by inflammation of some sort. CBD Oil treats inflammation throughout the body. Again, this comes back to that communication between the endocannabinoid system and our brains. Inflammation is our body responding to a signal from our body. If we are sending bad signals bad things happen and thus our body creates inflammation to heal us. With bad information, bad inflammation. As our endocannabinoid system works better we see less mixed up or wrong signals and that inflammation starts to go away. Reduce inflammation and you naturally reduce pain.

This list should probably be updated daily there are so many new uses being found for CBD Oil. CBD Oil even treats acne by decreasing inflammation.

The really exciting thing about all this is that CBD Oil is a natural item that our body is specifically set up to utilize. It is an important micronutrient that is helping people like me and maybe you to eliminate problems that have been plaguing us for a very long time in some cases.

As you see, CBD Oil is an amazing compound that appears to do amazing things for our health. I will do my best to tackle each of these things in articles as time goes on. Each of one of them is an ailment that millions of people suffer from. We, as a society, need to find ways to help people that suffer in needless ways. CBD Oil may be a very powerful tool against many of these issues. It has definitely helped me with my insomnia and also anxiety and I am just at the beginning stages of using it. I have a host of other health issues that I will be testing it against. Additionally, I have other friends and family members trying the products for themselves. They report back to me regularly and I will incorporate their experiences into this site as well.

The benefits of CBD Oil are so widespread that it makes answering the question of what is CBD Oil very tough.  It is so many different things to so many different people.

IS CBD Oil Legal?

Law Scales

This is one of those issues that is very tough to find a good answer to. There is so much outdated information on the web that it can be very confusing. However, CBD Oil from most suppliers is legal throughout the United States in most cases. I have to be careful because I am not the authority. You certainly couldn’t say it must be OK because Kevin said it was. CBD Oil is not Marijuana. It actually is barely related to it. CBD Oil has certain requirements it must meet to be called CBD Oil. If certain parameters are not maintained it is not a fully legal product. That is why some brands will say that they can not be shipped to certain states.

I only recommend CTFO CBD Oil. You can learn as much as like about them by clicking on the logo below but I will give a nutshell of why CTFO is the best.

what is CBD Extract photo

CTFO is based completely in the USA. All of their Hemp crops are grown without any pesticides and are completely non-GMO. This enables them to provide one of the purest CBD Oils on the market. However, it is their percentages of THC that really make this an outstanding product.

It is the THC percent that determines the legality of the product. CBD Oil can contain .3% or about 1/3 of one percent. THC is the component of Marijuana that makes people high. .3% a person would not notice. Marijuana sold in Washington State for recreational use ranges in THC percent from about 16% to about 30% by comparison. So you can see where .3% is extremely low.

However, some companies struggle to stay below that threshold. CTFO, however, stays well below it. The product I am currently using is the 500mg CBD Oil. It has a THC percent of .02%. Notice the decimal place has moved over one. The law says 1/3 of 1 percent is OK. CTFO has 3 100ths of a percent. That is amazingly low thanks to their incredible manufacturing process.

Buying from others sources may or may not meet the legality requirements. It is certainly possible you could walk into a store in a Marijuana legalized state and buy a CBD oil the is not legal the next state over. Where I live in Idaho I can be in Washington in less than an hour. I could certainly buy CBD Oil thinking it was going to be legal to take home and find out the hard way that it isn’t. With CTFO I never have to worry about that.

Is There a Difference in CBD Oils?

Of course, there is. There are differences in products of all types and CBD Oil is no different. However, differences in the quality of a toaster are slightly less important to me than the quality of something I am taking to improve my health.

One of the things I absolutely love about CTFO is that they publish the test results of their products right on their website for everyone to see. Of course, these are scientific reports and could be hard to read. So they also publish a guide with all the terms and information you need to read those reports.

comparing CBD Oils

I call that total transparency. It makes me confident that they have great products.

I have researched other brands and not been able to see that technical data. I can’t say they have something to hide but I can say that I want to know what I am taking. With the CTFO there is no mystery.

I want the best results so I want to take the best product. For my research, CTFO is the best. I have been so impressed with everything I have read and experienced regarding them that I joined them as a distributor. This allows me to make some money to support my efforts to get this information out to as many people as possible. If you read the “About Us” page or the introduction post to my 30-Day product test you will understand what I had been going through and why it is such a passion for me to share these products. They have been life changers for me.

Take Aways

Let’s take a look at those key points again…

  1. Our bodies are designed to utilize CBD Oil in the Endocannabinoid System that all mammals have.
  2. CBD is only one of 60 cannabinoids found in Hemp. It is the most abundant. We do not know yet if it is the most valuable as more research needs to be done.
  3. Hemp used to be abundant in our lives. Until the last 70 years, we were naturally getting CBD through most of our diets.
  4. CBD Oil is helping us to recover those incredible micro-nutrients that we have lost.
  5. CBD Oil is showing promising results for a wide range of health concerns such as anxiety, sleep, depression, cancer, pain, inflammation, and more.
  6. CBD Oil that meets certain criteria is now legal in the United States
  7. CTFO makes one of the highest quality CBD Oils available.

So, there you have it. That is a pretty decent summary of tons of research that I have done on CBD. Each paragraph above could be expanded on into the chapter of a book and many of them could be their own book. If you want to dig deeper, I did scatter a lot of links throughout the document. I encourage you to research these topics to your own satisfaction.

If you haven’t read my 30-day test of using Cbd Oil for sleep, I highly encourage you to do so. It documents daily what I experienced trying to solve some of my health issues.  You can find it —>HERE<— 

I am sure you know someone else that can use this information. I would highly encourage you to share this article to Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, or wherever else you can. This helps my site a great deal and I am very appreciative of that. However, mostly it helps to get this information out to people that need it. We all know someone that is suffering from something that CBD Oil may just help with. Let’s work together to end that suffering.

I did mention earlier that I joined CTFO as a distributor. It allows me to help people on a daily basis. Do you want to join us? We are always looking for good people who want to help us spread the word about these products and help people? And yes, you can make some very good money doing it. However, if money is your primary motivation, our team is not the best fit for you. If you want more information, just click on the CTFO Logo below. You can sign up as an associate in a few minutes completely for free. There is no obligation but signing up will give you access to see just how the program works in detail as well as about the pay plan.

what is CBD Extract photo

Wrapping up

As always, thanks so very much for reading this. I truly appreciate your support. I hope you have found this a suitable answer to the question, “What is CBD Extract?” Don’t forget to leave a comment or question below. Remember, you can always shoot me an email directly with the contact button below. Lastly, don’t forget to share this article so others struggling with a health issue can have access to this information.

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Don’t forget to check out my testimonial series…

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  1. Joan Hobrath

    OMG, this sounds so amazing, I’ve got to try it! I struggle with insomnia and anxiety. I know a couple of people who use medical marijuana but when they travel, they take CBD oil so they are “legal” wherever they go. I’ll have to tell them about CTFO so they stay below the legal limit. Thanks for such an informative post!

    • Kevin Mansoor

      That is so awesome Joan. I am so happy this information may help other people. It is important to get it out there so people can be helped. Yes, you need to try it. It may be everything you have been looking for. I wish you luck with your insomnia.


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