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Is CBD Oil a Natural Insomnia Cure? Day 16 of my test.

Is CBD Oil a natural insomnia cure?

Raise your hand if you love taking pharmaceuticals.

Hmm… no one. Well then, why is it a multi-billion dollar industry?


I never liked taking them one but no told me I had a choice. Yes, I had the internet to research for myself. I have brains in my head and can make my own decisions. Yet, when you can’t sleep, you simply don’t function well. You make bad decisions. Oh, I could tell you stories about bad decisions made while under the influence of the sleeping pill fog. The good news is that the pills also brought along a great deal of memory loss so one particular really stupid year I don’t remember much of lol.

My friends tell me to put that year in the past and move on.

The moral of that story is….be careful with pharmaceuticals. Yes, they can often do what they are advertised to do but that doesn’t mean that’s all they are doing. But, I really really really wanted to sleep and I had exhausted every natural remedy I could find.

Then I heard about CBD Oil and I had to wonder, “Is CBD Oil a Natural Insomnia Cure?”

And here we are in day 16 of my CBD Oil for sleeping test.

Yesterday’s Wrap Up

As you may recall, yesterday I found myself wondering if I had been detoxing for the past few days. I had been dealing with headaches mostly which is actually a rare occurrence for me. My sleep was more restless than it had been the nights before that. My energy was struggling.

The problem is we can’t test an item like this in a vacuum. There are a million factors that come into play. I just have no way of knowing for sure what may be doing what in my body or sleep cycles. So, I am just going with my intuition here.

Based on how and when the headaches and lack of energy came on, I don’t think they were sleep related. It did, in fact, feel like other times I had intentionally tried to detox for some purpose. Because of that “gut” feeling, I chose to not try to use Advil or such. If I was detoxing I didn’t want to mess it up with more pills. I drank a lot more water and used my juicer a lot to flood my body with nutrients.

After two straight days of headaches, it all subsided yesterday mid-day. My energy level went back up and my headaches went away. I don’t think this was CBD Oil related as much as my body was just dealing with my years of abuse.

It wasn’t my most productive day as I think my body was sort of coming out of the detox, but it was a decent day and I was productive until about 9 and still had the energy to read in bed for an hour.

I am guessing I fell asleep around 10:20.

A Peaceful Night

A Peaceful Night Thanks to CBD Oil

My sleep seemed peaceful. I dreampt a lot but they weren’t as disruptive as they had been the previous nights. After years of minimal dreaming due to the pills, I think my mind has had to readjust to dreaming again. I tossed and turned a lot but that is normal for me. I never expected that CBD Oil as a natural insomnia cure would help me with that.

In the past, I had three back surgeries. My body really likes to move since then. I toss and turn as my body is only comfortable for so long in one position. I have adapted to this for the most part.

And Here Comes the Sun?

Well, not exactly. A month ago the sun would have been up at 5 am but not so much now as the shortening of the days is getting quite apparent.

I was up at about 4:45 though. I had been making it to closer to 5:30 lately but this certainly isn’t an odd time for me. I have always been much more of a morning person.

I was up by 5 am and at my computer within about 10 minutes. Here it about 7 am now and I have gotten quite a bit done so far.

No Coffee!

Coffe ~ Not a natural insomnia cure

Yep, no coffee. Seriously, I haven’t coffee in about 12 days now.

Why? Well, because I ran out lol. I have been to the store once since then but totally forgot the coffee. Where I live, it isn’t worth a trip to the store for one thing so, I just am not drinking coffee.

On the sleeping pills, I would usually drink a pot every morning over the course of about two hours. That was what it took on most mornings to get me through the sleeping pill morning hangover. But no coffee for almost 2 weeks.

I don’t miss it. I don’t need it. Even when I wake up earlier than planned, even if I am tired, I am still clear now. The CBD Oil is not affecting me in any way that would make me unclear or fuzzy. It simply is allowing me to sleep naturally.

I don’t think I will go back to coffee on a regular basis. I prefer tea anyways and it is better for me. Oh yeah, I sort of have this little genetic heart thing. Not sleeping and caffeine were both sort of bad for me.

Enough For Now

Well, let’s wrap it up today. In general, I am feeling good. My sleep schedule is stabilizing. My Energy level is good and seems to be rising. NO anxiety at all so far. Depression is also gone. I suspect that as I continue to use the CBD Oil I will see other improvements as well.

Is CBD Oil a natural insomnia cure? Well, maybe I shouldn’t use the word cure but is clearly helping me erase it from my life.

What is working for me may not work for you. BUT, what if it does? What if it helps you sleep for the first time in years? What if it lifts your anxiety? or depression? Or helps you with chronic pain? At some point, you will be ready to try CBD Oil. I would appreciate it if you would buy it through the link below as I make a small amount on it. This costs you nothing extra at all. According to all my research, CTFO is the best CBD Oil out there. Just click the logo below to get yours today.

what is CBD Extract photo

Thanks so much for reading. I would love it if you could share this article for me to your favorite social media. That really helps me get the word out about this great product.

Good luck and fortune on your journey.


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Here is the Intro Post for this series.  It gives you the background of my insomnia.  Does CBD Oil Help Sleep?

If you want more information on CBD OIl and Sleep you can check out the study below if you like reading scientific studies.

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  1. Sharlee

    Hi Kevin

    THANK YOU for these daily reports! This is SO valuable to read about your experiences. And yes, everybody will experience it a bit differently, but reading about somebody’s results like this, is indeed very enlightening.

    WOW – coping so well without coffee for 12 days already? Amazing! Just goes to show how much better you are feeling already!

    Wishing you health and wealth!

    • Kevin Mansoor

      Sharlee, thank you for visiting and reading. My results may or may not be typical. I really have no way of knowing but I wanted to document what I was feeling as objectively as possible so that others may learn from my experience. People with bad insomnia will try anything as it is completely debilitating.

      Thanks for stopping by

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