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Is CTFO the Best CBD Oil for Sleep? My Test ~ Day 14

Is CTFO the best CBD Oil for sleep?

Best CBD Oil for Sleep

This has been the question on my mind for the last few weeks as I have been trying to eliminate 4 years of chronic debilitating insomnia. This is day 14 of my test with CBD oil for sleeping.

While there are a great many claims regarding CBD Oil for sleep, there are equally many CBD products out there. CBD is a hot item and classified by Forbes magazine as one of the fastest projected growing industries for the next several years. With that growth, comes poor quality products being made to make quick money.

I chose CTFO CBD Oil to used to help eliminate my insomnia. My research showed me that they simply have the best product out there. Many stores in some states carry CBD oil but the prices, quality, and strength varies widely and is often hard to find.

CTFO CBD Oil has the highest purity standards out there, never uses heat to extract the oil, uses only NON-GMO Hemp plants, and has one of the lowest THC levels in the industry. These factors combine to make CTFO one of the best quality CBD Oils out there I think the best CBD Oil for sleep.

But, let’s continue this journey of mine and find out.

Day 13 Wrap Up

So after completing yesterdays post in the afternoon after my trip, I had a pretty decent day. I did feel a bit sluggish which after time away is not abnormal. Sleeping in a bed that isn’t my own threw me off on my sleep although I did better than I would have done with the sleeping pills I am fairly sure.

My body feels like it may be detoxing. I am wondering if I am still feeling the effects of years of sleeping drugs and that maybe my body isn’t dealing with that now. I also stopped drinking coffee this week when I had been drinking a pot a day. I know some of you are thinking caffeine withdrawal but I have stopped coffee before with no issues and I don’t think that is a component here. I suppose it is possible it is the combination of many things and that could be one.

Am I Detoxing?

Does CBD Oil Detox

I have not found any references to CBD causing the body to detox in any way. However, the whole concept of the CBD oil is that it is balancing out our endocannabinoid system. Balancing anything out usually involves removing what was causing the imbalance. After years of the sleeping pills, I suspect I had plenty of crud that needs removing.

I had no problem staying up this particular night. It appears that my efforts to shift my bedtime later have paid off. As I have been sleeping better I have the energy to stay up later. There is still an emotional attachment to going to bed early as it has been my norm for years now. The more exhausted I got, the earlier I went to bed.

Last night I went to bed at 9 pm and read to 10 pm without to fall asleep. This felt good. I enjoy reading at night as my wind down. This now feels like bonus time in my life as I haven’t had these hours available to me for years. I don’t remember any struggles to fall asleep.

Day 14 ~ Is CTFO the Best CBD Oil for Sleep?

My night was filled with a lot of tossing and turning. I woke up completely at about 5:40 which is a perfect time for me. That puts me at a possible 7 1/2 hours of sleep. However, I was definitely tossing and turning a lot so it wasn’t the soundest sleep.

The funny thing is that I think I may be readjusting to dreaming. The sleeping pills really do more to make you unconscious than actually help you sleep. They clearly mess with your sleep cycles and I know I hadn’t been dreaming as much as I used to years ago.

Now I am dreaming a lot. It is during those dreams that I am doing the tossing and turning. I think my mind simply needs to readjust. I need to remember how to enjoy each of the sleep cycles as each is important. However, after years without all of them, I suppose it is possible my body and mind need to readjust to them.

Overall, my energy is good today and my mind is fairly focused. I have had better days since I started this trial but this is far superior to where I was before the trial. Overall, I am still very happy with my experiences using CBD Oil for sleep.  So far, my results are showing me that CTFO is the best CBD Oil for sleep.

CBD Oil for Sleep ~ Thumbs Up

What About You?

I started this journey to get rid of insomnia that had been ruining my life for years. The first thing that happened was my anxiety was immediately replaced with an overwhelming sense of calm. That has been a wonderful gift. My depression has lifted as well. I give most of the credit to the CBD Oil directly for this. Some of it is surely the improved sleep, but my research since I have started this test clearly shows CBD Oil for Anxiety to be a huge success story.

I have been so pleased with these products that I joined the company as an associate. This means I now sell these products and help other people deal with health issues that may have been plaguing them for years.

Are you ready to try CBD Oil? If so, just click on the CTFO Logo below to be taken to my site where you can purchase. If you think you might be interested in joining my team to help others, then click on the same logo and sign up as an associate. You will see an amazing pay plan and opportunity all designed to help people.

what is CBD Extract photo

No matter where your journey takes you, I wish you nothing but the best. Thanks for reading and remember to please share this article with the buttons on the left. That really helps me get the word out about this amazing product. Just think, one share from you may help someone who has been suffering from a horrible ailment find needed relief.


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