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Is CBD Oil the Best Natural Insomnia Cure? ~ Day 19 of My Test

There are so many people claiming to have the best natural insomnia cure. Of course, they can’t all be right. I can’t tell you what will work for you, but I can share my experiences and what has worked for me after 4 years of debilitating insomnia.

Prescription Sleeping Pill Drugs – Knocked me out but sleep quality was poor. Started having memory problems. When I stopped using them I ended up in the hospital with side effects. 6 months for full recovery. NOT at all natural.

OTC Sleeping Pills – Not at all natural. Put me to sleep but sleep was low quality. Huge morning hangover and brain fog for the entire day. Never felt like me. Lack of sleep anxiety and depression started creeping in.

Natural Cures? Exercise, White Noise, Pitch Black Room, Rigid Sleep Schedule, Onion Next to Bed, Castor Oil on EyeLids, Melatonin, 5 HTTP, Gaba, Sleepy Time tea, Warm Baths, Cold Showers, Apple Cider Vinegar, Hypnosis, Honey, etc… I tried virtually everything and had ZERO luck with any of them. I mean ZERO luck.

60 Million People in the US alone with insomnia and the doctors and natural health people could not help me at all.

I Discovered CBD Oil for Sleep.

Is CBD Oil a Natural Insomnia Cure

CBD Oil has been a true gift for me. I had heard the hype but thought it wasn’t available to me in Idaho. I associated it with Marijuana. Turns out I was completely wrong. It is like saying Chicken Eggs and Chicken are the same food. CBD Oil couldn’t get someone high if they drank a bucket of it. You can read a bunch more here about What is CBD Extract?

So, I decided to test it out for myself when I found out I could, in fact, get it in Idaho legally. This is day 19 of my personal test and the results have been astounding me every day.

Yesterday after my post, I had a strong day for the most part. I faded a little in the afternoon and early evening but I had no problem staying up until 10:30. It is so strange to be up so late after the way I had been living the past 4 years.

As my insomnia…

got worse and worse, my bedtime kept getting earlier and earlier. You see, I had to stay in bed longer and longer to get any rest. I used to watch the clock just waiting for 5 pm to come along so I could crash on the couch, eat dinner and head to bed just after 8. I was a zombie after 5. I couldn’t wait to go to bed. I kept thinking, tomorrow I will get up with energy and get caught up on everything.

Now I am functional every day pretty much from between 5 – 6 am and until at least 10 pm. CBD Oil has given me back several hours of life each and every day.

Thanks to the natural insomnia cure of CBD Oil, I fell asleep last night probably about 10:45.

CBD Oil for Sleep Allows Me To Rise and Shine

I woke up casually this morning at about 5:30. I lingered in bed a little longer than normal as it was quite cold in my room and I was quite comfortable in bed. Apparently, fall is arriving and I may not be able to sleep with all my windows open for much longer.

By 6 am I was up and going. I have done a bunch of research for a long article on some little talked about aspects of CBD Oil. I am amazed daily at all the amazing CBD Oil benefits that are being discovered daily. This amazing compound is changing the lives of countless people daily.

My life is a different world thanks to CBD Oil. I started taking it to help with my insomnia. Yet, the first thing it did was take away my anxiety. Yes, in the first dose. I am now sleeping in what I consider to be a normal manner. Some “normal” aches and pains of getting older have disappeared and pretty much all have lessened. Makes me wonder if they really are supposed to be normal. Other quite significant health issues are also being addressed it appears.

It has been like a life transformation for me in many ways. In fact, that is the reason for this website to even exist. I have been so overwhelmed by the results that I have felt compelled to tell the world. This is day 19 of my test and my website is only about 17 days old.

We Can’t Keep CBD Oil as a Natural Insomnia Cure a Secret

Look, I can’t say CBD Oil will “cure” you. In fact, my research it isn’t a cure for anything. It simply helps us get our bodies back into a state of homeostasis so it can take care of itself. That appears to be why so many people are shouting about all the different things it has done for them.

I am on a mission to get this word out. The friends that told me about it asked me I wanted to distribute it with them as a new revenue stream for my online businesses. At first I was thinking no way. Then I tried it and I thought I have no choice.

The products I take are from CTFO. They have the highest quality products out there bar none. I signed up as an associate so I could share this product with you.

Are you ready to try it? Do you want to join my team and become an associate and have the opportunity to make money while helping others? Either way, just click on the CTFO logo below. That will take you to my site where you can purchase or sign up as an associate.

what is CBD Extract photo

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you are enjoying this journey. If you have any questions, please just click on the contact button below and shoot an email directly to me.

Contact Button For CBD and Insomnia Information

If this is the first post of this test you found, make sure you read my starting post. It gives you a good view of exactly where insomnia had taken my life.  You can find it here> Does CBD Oil Help Sleep?


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