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Does CBD Oil Help Sleep ~ Day 2 of my Trial

Does CBD Oil Help Sleep?

Sleeping Little Girl

Oh, to sleep like a little kid…

Well here I am on Day Two of my 30-day trial trying to answer the question for myself ~ does CBD Oil Help Sleep?

If you want to read this journey from its starting point, just click —> HERE <— to go to the first post of the series.

As you may have already read in a previous post, I have had horrible sleep problems for over a decade but it has been extremely bad for the last four years.

Four years ago I had some very stressful situations arise. I have no doubt those triggered my insomnia as well as several other serious health concerns. It is not an exaggeration to say that I nearly died ~ yes I have the hospital bills to prove it.

Stress Image for CBD Article

The result of that period was this insomnia that has been debilitating for years. Can you relate? Insomnia is no small problem and one that does have a solid cure out there.

I Tried It All

Like many of you that have struggled with insomnia, I tried anything and everything. It didn’t matter how crazy, I was willing to try it. I had heard of using CBD Oil for sleeping several times; yet, I never connected CBD as being available to me.

I didn’t know much about it but I didn’t start hearing about until many states in the US started legalizing Marijuana. I associated CBD with Marijuana and since that was not legal in Idaho where I live, I just never really looked into it.

I wish I had. Some business associates asked me to join their team as a product distributor with products designed to change lives. These are all really good people so I took a look.

What I found blew me away. CBD Oil products that sounded too good to be true.  Could it be true?  Does CBD Oil help sleep?

So, Here I Am

I had to try these products for myself. I am not one willing to try to distribute something that I didn’t believe in. Sign up was completely free, they don’t even ask for a credit card. So, I did it. I took the plunge. I figured all I had to lose was sleepless nights.

Once I signed up I could read all the internal information and really do some research. The company is called CTFO ~ Changing The Future Outcome. Their products are first-rate. Their mission is in line with my values. It all sounded good but would using CBD Oil for sleeping help me when nothing else had.  Just click on the logo below if you want more information.

CTFO CBD Oil Company Logo

Day Two ~ Where I am At.

My first night went way better than I expected. It went so well that I started this website to document what was happening to me. I decide to become a distributor right away. If the first night could be good, I had to start telling others about these products.

So, this morning I woke up at 4 AM. That may sound bad but that isn’t actually an abnormal time for me. With all the pills I was taking I was usually awake between 4 am and 5 am.

I had been awake a few times during the night. It was by no means a perfect night of sleep. Yet, as I was laying there this morning I realized I felt awake. I was alert. I was ready to get up. It was weird. So, yes, the wake-up time sounds early, but I am more concerned about how I slept rather than when I slept.

I am not sure about everyone else with insomnia but I have found that my bedtime had been getting earlier and earlier over the years. I have always been a morning person but I haven’t always gone to bed between 8 and 9 pm. Yet, getting up at 5, 9 is not an unreasonable bed time. That’s 8 hours in bed.

So, while I am waking up early, I am waking up feeling good. I am thinking I simply may need to adjust my bedtime and see if I can set my body to some new times.

The Calm Continues

If you have read my previous posts, you know that the unexpected benefit of the CBD Oil has been this great sense of calm I have been experiencing. Like many of you, I had some side effects from my insomnia ~ namely depression and anxiety.

Calm Scene for does CBD Oil help Sleep Article

The anxiety I was used to when I was awake in the night was gone and is still gone. I have this sense of calm all day. I am more balanced for sure. I have always been even-keeled and calm overall, but this was starting to feel like the old me. And hey, it has only been 48 hours.

What I Have Been Taking

Just a recap for those who haven’t read the first posts… I am taking a mid-range dose of CBD Oil twice a day. I am using a CBD Sleep Spray at bedtime. I started both on the same day. My research suggested that was how I should start this journey. In retrospective, I should probably have started with the highest dose of the oil since it can do so many things.

Yet, I was so focused on sleep that I hadn’t really broadened my research. So my next bottle will be the higher dosage so I can see what that can do for other areas of my life. However, this mid-range bottle has instilled this sense of calm and I am very grateful for that.

CTFO has a full range of products from health to beauty to pets. Since I am already pleased with what I have tried, I am likely to try most of them. I think I will leave the reviews of the ladies’ beauty products to someone else. No amount of makeup is gonna make me a pretty woman.

Today’s Wrap Up

I just read an article on about how people using CBD do not normally go back to using prescription drugs.  That is pretty exciting.  You can find that article here if it interests you

I am still extremely pleased with my experience so far. I have made the decision to distribute these products as a business also. If they can help me this much in two days, there are many others that need them now.

Already I feel like we are getting closer to answering the question of the day (or month in my case) “Does CBD Oil help sleep?”

Others have already joined me on this journey. They have ordered product for themselves and will be communicating with me via email. Wanna join us? Just use the contact button below to send me an email. On the right side of the screen is a blue background ad that you can click on to go to my CTFO site or you can just click —> HERE <—. There you can read a great deal about the technical details of the products and why I think CTFO has the best products out there bar none. You can purchase products there or sign up FOR FREE to learn about a distributorship. Then you can join my team in our mission to see how many people we can help.

If you wanna read some previous posts you can find them under the “Experiences and Research” tab on the top menu.

As always I love comments, feedback, and questions. Please leave me one below in the comments section.

I would also really appreciate your help on my mission to help others. You can help simply by sharing this post on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, or whatever your favorite social network is. Know someone else that needs this information? Just share the post to their Facebook timeline or email them a note with the link.

I wish you great success on your journey wherever it takes you.


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