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Does CBD Oil Help Sleep? My Personal Experience

The Starting Point of my Journey to anser the question “Does CBD Oil help sleep?”

Do you sometimes feel like you could have slept better? Maybe some mornings you just wish you could stay in bed a while longer. Maybe you remember a time when getting up for a new day was a joy and now just maybe you don’t know if you have the strength to make it through the day. I am sure that you are answering that yes at least occasionally. Yet for me, it wasn’t occasional – IT WAS EVERY SINGLE MORNING. So, as all the studies and research regarding CBD Oil has started to be revealed, I had to ask. “Does CBD Oil help sleep?”

The Insomnia Monster

Sleepy Person using cbd oil for sleeping

Over 60 Million people in the United States are affected by sleep disorders. Worse yet, there is no clear consensus in the medical community as to how to treat it. Pills, pills, and more pills are the only hope they can offer. Yet those pills really don’t induce sleep. They simply make you unconscious and your body doesn’t get all the therapeutic benefits that sleep normally provides. Have you been there? Living a fog of a life. For me, it got worse, so much worse.

I decided to get off the pills. I was sick of them. They weren’t giving me a life that I liked. The doctors had so struggled to try to make me sleep that I ended up on a pill cocktail of sorts. Ambien was almost useless for me. Yes, it would put me to sleep but usually for like an hour. Do you know what happens when people on Ambien wake up before the drug wears off? Google it and read about the nightmare stories. It is a scary drug for sure. BUT I WANTED TO SLEEP! So the doctors put me on a drug called Temazepam in addition to the Ambien. Hey, that combo knocked me out cold for a solid 6 to 7 hrs. The Ambien knocked me out, the Temazepam kept me out apparently. I was on this combo for well over a year and a half. No one told me that I wasn’t supposed to use Temazepam for more than 30 days. They kept handing me bottles and I kept taking them for about 18 months. Until I decided enough was enough.

No More Prescription Pills!

I decided to stop taking them. I was sick of the haze I was living in. I realized that I often had no memories of just a few days before. Everyone thought I was completely coherent and based on my work performance I was, yet I had no idea what had happened in the recent past. The memory loss went from not remembering the previous week to not remembering the previous year. Turns out it was one very ugly year so according to my friends I should be happy my memories are few.

Does CBD Oil Help Sleep Pills

So, I kicked the pills out of my life. I laid in bed and stared at the ceiling. A few days went by and I couldn’t sleep much at all. Yet, I expected that. Somehow I still felt better. I did have this strange twinge in my back though that wasn’t quite like anything I had felt there before. Then one day at work when moving some boxes, my back just said no more. I was down. I could barely move. Hey, come on, work it off I thought. Nope, my body replied. It was all I could do to get in the car and go home. I thought I just needed some rest, maybe a hot shower and an hour on the heating pad.

I went home and did my best to take care of myself. I was hobbling around in a lot of pain but made it to bed eventually and figured I would be fine in the morning. At 2 am though, I couldn’t move. I mean pretty much at all. If I wiggled a finger it sent searing pain throughout my body. It took me half an hour to reach about 18 inches for my phone (of course I live alone in the middle of nowhere). I called a friend and said I needed help. He came over and after laughing at me being stuck in bed said he couldn’t do anything. There was simply no way he could get me to the hospital alone. So, we had to call an ambulance.

“Sorry, nothing we can do for you.” That was the ER response. “Here, take some pills.” I was less than pleased. I was in agony. I was screaming every time I tried to move any part of my body. They told me I had to leave.

18 hours later after a really rough day at home, I had friends take me to the big city ER 2 hours away because I was losing feeling in my left leg. They took some pictures and said, “Sorry, nothing we can do for you. Here have some pills.”

The pills did nothing for the pain.

Nobody would even attempt to offer me hope. “Hopefully it will release. Your muscle is in spasm in your lower back. It is wreaking havoc on your nerves. Here, take some pills.”

Acupuncture? Nothing. Massage? Nothing. Chiropractor? Well, I tell you what, that guy really cared. He did everything and didn’t charge me for half of it. Slowly, ever so slowly, we made progress. It was nearly a month before I could really walk. It was three months on crutches and another few months hobbling. 6 months of my life.

Was this a side effect of the sleeping pills? Honestly, it never occurred to me. Months later I was researching something and I happened to Google the side effects of Temazepam. Guess what. Muscle spasms are a likely side effect when you stop taking Temazepam. Coincidence that I had the mother of all muscle spasms within a week of stopping the pills? Maybe, maybe not. I will never know the truth but the coincidence is hard to overlook.

Now What?

Man With Questions

I was better. I could walk. I could run. I could NOT sleep.

I tried every natural cure that anyone anywhere mentioned. Exercise, meditation, herbal tea, honey, white noise, sleep masks, every herbal sleep formula I could find. I slept with a cut onion next to my bed. I even tried putting castor oil on my eyelids (hey, some people swear by it). I don’t even want to know how much money I wasted. I know some months it was several hundred dollars. I didn’t really care. I would have maxed out every credit card in my wallet to sleep better, the truth is I came pretty close. I honestly can say that in the last 4 years my insomnia has cost well over $20,000 if I add up lost work time, attempted cures, pills, anxiety, lost productivity on my home businesses, etc.

How I Heard About CBD Oil.

I work from home. I have a company called Scripture Wall Art that makes vinyl wall decals. Along with a partner, we make and sell over $100,000 of vinyl wall decals every year. We are Amazon Professional Sellers, Ebay Top Sellers and Ebay Power Sellers, and operate two websites of our own. You are welcome to take a look at them.

I joined an organization called Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to better grow our company website’s traffic and sales. I found a pretty darn good group of people who were working mostly in the Affiliate Marketing arena. Wealthy Affiliate definitely helped me grow both of our other websites.  If you ever wanted to start your own webpage, blog, or online business, then WA is the place to do it.  It is completely free to join.  You can use their training to build an entire website and see the quality of their training and support.  Then they have a premium plan if you want to go further.  Just click on the link below for more information.

Wealthy Affiliate Logo

I started to get to know a bunch of people there and developed some great and supporting online friendships. Eventually, one of those people reached out to me and asked if I was interested in a new revenue stream based on helping people.

If you work online, you probably get solicited several times a week for the latest and greatest money making scheme. I have never been interested in those. However, this person had already established credibility and that kept my mind open. It was simply explained to me as a way to help other people with a side benefit of making money. I looked at who I knew that was already in the group and the credibility went up. This was a good group of successful people already running ethical businesses mostly helping other people.

So, I got the info and started doing my own research. The clinical research on CBD is really overwhelming. I knew it was out there but had pretty much ignored it. I was one of those people that thought it had something to do with Marijuana and I live in a state where that is still illegal and likely will be for years. So, I had no idea that CBD oil is legal in ALL 50 states and most countries. I had no idea all the things it is being used for including an FDA approved drug to treat seizures. If you want to read more research check out my other articles that I post almost daily but simply stated…CBD is an amazing gift from the plant world.

However, does CBD Oil help sleep? Yes, I could see the research on the effects CBD Oil on others for sleeping, cancer, pain, Fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and a host of other ailments. But would CBD Oil help ME sleep when nothing else ever had?

If you want a ton of scientific information on all the studies of CBD Oil you can visit this link —>

Let’s Find Out!

CBD Oil Questions Answered

I decided to put the products to the test. I ordered a bottle of a mid dosage CBD Oil and also a large bottle of the Sleep Spray. I chose the mid dosage oil because I didn’t think I had any real issues to resolve with that other than sleep and since I was buying the sleep spray also, I stuck with the mid-range. I think doing it again, I would have used the higher dosage because I am really liking the results already.

I am doing a 30-day test of these two products. The CBD Oil is the primary one most people would use. The CBD Sleep Spray is a specialty formula for sleep, of course. I am writing a daily blog entry on what I notice going on in my body and my sleep habits. I can tell you that after two days I love them. I am not exactly sure which one I love but the combination is showing great promise for me.

I love them so much, I have joined the company and already have a passion for helping others sort through all the hype and get the benefits that they deserve.

What about you? Have trouble sleeping? Have random body pain? Cancer? Anxiety? Depression? Maybe you need to do your own 30-day test. Maybe these products will change your life like they are changing mine.  I would be very happy to help you along that journey.

So, Please Join Me on this Journey

Follow along as I record my daily experiences. If I am done when you found this page there should be a weekly summary entry as well so you can just read those four entries to get the results. If you want to know what to expect every day, then read them all or follow along.  I am going to answer the question for myself and hopefully for you as well.  Does CBD Oil help sleep?

This is gonna be an amazing journey. Are you coming along?

Please leave comments below if you have personal stories regarding CBD Oil. Or feel free to ask questions as well. If your question is more personal please email it to me. If you have questions about the products, the business, or any of my experiences, just post them below.

Thanks so much for reading and good luck on your journey wherever it takes you.


Useful Links

CBD Oil for Sleeping Day 1


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  1. Amy

    This is a really interesting post. I’m sorry to hear that you had such a tough time with temazepam, a lot of people struggle to come off it once started and the addiction side of it often isn’t well explained when starting people on the drug. I notice you say that “The clinical research on CBD is really overwhelming” and list conditions such as Cancer, Anxiety and Depression. Can you please post a link to some of the research showing the benefits of CBD oil in these conditions? I’d be interested in reading it. Thanks.

    • admin

      Thanks Amy,

      I am working on an article with all that great information in it. I will make sure you get updated when it is posted. It really is amazing stuff for a lot of people.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.


  2. Ahmed Aly

    Hi Kevin , I would say that’s very unique article and i learned something new for sure , sorry to hear you had such hard time , and can’t wait for your new article to learn something new


    • admin

      Thanks Aly,

      Hard times always teach us and I learned a lot. I just hope through this site I can help others avoid the problems I have had to face.

      Thanks for coming by.

  3. Jennifer

    Your story literally had me on the edge of my seat..well, computer chair. That is crazy that no one could help you-that so many people didn’t care. I’m glad you found that chiropractor AND the cbd oil. And I’m so glad you’re feeling better! How does the sleep spray work? I’m very interested in trying that! And I feel like this is a dumb question but when using any cbd oil will it make you pop positive on a drug test for a job? My thought process is the same as yours was and I know you said the oil is legal in all states but…help? lol

    • admin

      Holy smokes Jennifer that is an awesome question. The answer though is tricky.

      There are almost no tests that are triggered by CBD or the cannabinoids. Tests are designed to pick up THC and the compound it turns into in the body. With that said, CBD Oil can have up to .3% of THC. This amount would not have any effect on the body. Marijuana today can be up 40% THC in some cases by comparison. If someone was to take extrememly high doses of say 2000mg of a .3% CBD Oil several times a day, it is possible it could trigger a false positive on a test. Now, CTFO, the brand I am using and also highly recommend, publishes their test results right on the site. Talk about great transparency. I am using the 500mg formula. Thier highest dose formula is 1500mg. Both well below the above example of 2000mg. Also, CTFO recommends one-morning dose and one evening dose. This is nowhere near what you would have to use to get a false positive. But wait, it gets better. With the legal limit on THC in CBD being .3% many companies have set that as their standard. However, CTFO realizes that people who want CBD are not the same people who want THC and they make their formulas to much higher standards. The formula that I am using only has .02% So while most companies are at .3% THC, CTFO is at .02%. In simple language that means most brands are 1/3 of a percent, CBD and CTFO is only 2 100ths of a % THC.

      Now, with all that said, anyone who has a really strict employment issue like federal employees or first responders etc, are probably better off to be safe than sorry. At the minimum, they should talk with their employers first and get permission in writing to use the product. I certainly am not the authority on what any particular drug test would find. They could also talk to the test administrators to find out what may cause a false positive. That information is not supposed to be secret.

      As to the sleep spray, you simply spray 6 pumps under your tongue before bed…easy peasy. It has a great mint flavor. So far results have been very positive as you can read if you go forward a few posts. I will document each of my 30 days so people can research as much as they want.

      Hmmm…pretty long answer lol. I am definitely gonna have to write a full post on this to help people out.

      I hope that helps.


  4. Doug Greer

    What a hard time you have had. It really sounded like a nightmare, when my sleep is not right , nothing is for long. I’m glad you have gotten off of those drugs they sound like they did anything but help.
    I am glad you are finding CBD as a hope for relief. I wish you the best of luck with your experiment. I’ll definitely check back to see how you are doing.


    • admin

      Thanks Doug. Of course, our challenges have made us who we are today and I am happy where I am at so I am happy with how I got here. I just hope that through this site I can help others avoid what I had to go through.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope to see you here again soon.

      Good luck in your journey.


  5. David Donahue

    Haven’t tried CBD oil as of yet but know an ex pro baseball player who played for the Yankees and pitched a shut out in 97 who uses it and he says it helps with pain. I don’t know about sleep. Sleep is so important as we get older and thankfully it’s working for you. As for me I use guided meditation to doze off but I will definitely keep the CBD oil in mind. Well written.

    • admin

      Thanks David. You are right that CBD Oil can do amazing things for pain. It is even know the help eliminate muscle spasms which the medical community really can’t do as you may have read in my posts. Muscle relaxers help with minor ones but mine was months of agony with no help other than opioids. CBD might have made a difference. I am testing the CBD on my insomnia first as I chose that as the single biggest issue I wanted to resolve. I am hoping to see improvements in other areas and will also test and document the other products as well.

      Thanks for coming by.

  6. chris

    Hi Kevin

    This is a great post, it’s a very good read with plenty of information and will help people with in of the above issues.

    Keep up the good work and keep the posts coming.


    • admin

      Thanks Chris. The posts will keep coming. I am going to do one every day to document this process. It will be really good for me to able to look back this later to remember where I was at.

      Thanks for coming by.

  7. Madeleine

    Very informative article! I never guessed CBD oil could help you sleep. After reading this I know my next go-to when I have sleep issues. I wish you good luck on your journey and I hope the oil will help!

    Thanks for a great post!


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