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CBD Oil For Sleeping. My Journey of Discovery ~ Day 1

CBD Oil for Sleeping ~ My Personal Journey ~ Day 1

Journey of Siscovery Photo

Let’s Start the Journey of Discovery Using CBD Oil For Sleeping

Can you sleep? I mean really sleep. That kind of sleep that just makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning ready to face the day. I hope you can but not me. I have struggled with good sleep for over a decade and with life-destroying insomnia for the past four years. I have tried everything from prescription drugs to every known natural cure I could find. Nothing helped me. You can read more about where I started this journey from on my previous post by clicking —> HERE <—.

I was running out of options and destroying my body with OTC sleeping pills. I was/am living in a fog as I start this journey.

I am testing CBD Oil out on my insomnia. Is CBD for sleeping a viable solution for people? It is really the last solution I have yet to try. However, the research says it just may be the last thing I need to try. I am embarking on a 30-day trial of CBD Oil and CBD Sleep Spray made by CTFO. I have done my research and this is the finest CBD Oil I could find. Certified Organic, near perfect purity, amazing test results, and great testimonials add up to why I chose CTFO.

I received my products yesterday. I opened the package with anticipation. I opened the bottle of CBD Oil and took my first dose.

Guess What Happened!

Well, nothing. Did you really think I would swallow twenty drops of this stuff and sprout angel wings? Yeah, me neither. But it was the first step of a journey that I hope you will follow me on, or maybe even join me on.

I took that first dose at about noon and honestly I totally forgot about it as I went about the rest of my day. The taste was pleasant and minty. The flavor stayed with me for a little while.

After dinner in the early evening, I took my second dose of the CBD Oil. The directions recommend one dose in the morning and one at night. CTFO actually makes 4 different strengths and I chose to use one of the middle ones for my test. Other than sleep I am not specifically trying to improve any particular sleep condition. However, with my research, after I ordered I think I may have made a mistake.  If you want information on CTFO, just click the logo below.

CTFO CBD Oil Company Logo

The research on CBD is uncovering new benefits every day. I was thinking about my health and realized I should have started with the strong stuff and then worked down to a maintenance dose over the course of a few months. Guess what my next test will be lol.

Then the CBD Oil Sleep Spray

The directions say to take six sprays about 20 minutes before bed. Since this is sprayed into your mouth below the tongue, it gets into your system very fast. It had a nice minty taste.

I went to bed. No sleeping pills for the first time in weeks and even that was just a two-day break to give my body a break from the pills. I laid there in anticipation of an amazing night of sleep. I did not fall asleep instantly or even particularly easily. Although, I did fade away in what seemed faster than what my old normal was.

Then the unthinkable. I was woken up. Not by my body or mind, but by an external force. OK, noisy friend lol. 1 a.m. and wide awake. A splash of adrenaline to make it worse.

I laid there about to start my normal anxiety-ridden night of trying really really hard to go back to sleep. LOL, that absolutely never works. The harder you try the more awake you become. Yet, as an insomniac I never stopped trying, I never stopped feeling the anxiety of a sleepless night and the worry about the effects it would have on me the next day.

I don’t think you can ever really get used to sleep deprivation. I certainly never have. Tired is tired, plain and simple. You simply don’t function at your best.

But Wait, Something Was Different

As I lay there I realized there was absolutely no anxiety. In fact, I was completely calm. This was very strange for me, I mean really strange. Along with my insomnia came anxiety and depression. Apparently pretty normal for insomniacs. For me, it was like the unholy trinity of misery. Tired, depressed, anxious.

Normally, if I awoke in the middle of the night I would be very anxious. My mind would race and the tossing and turning would start. Not this night. I was calmer at that moment than I had been at any moment in recent memory. Was this the CBD?

I did fall back asleep after an hour or two. I got fewer hours of sleep than a normal night with OTC sleeping pills. However, it clearly felt like I had gotten better sleep. Yet, I was still worried about the crash I knew was coming about 2 in the afternoon. I get up around 5 and my dreaded crash usually comes around 2. Today would not be different I thought.

I took my morning dose of CTFO CBD Oil and started my day.

I work at home so I went into my home office and started my routine. A handful of mundane tasks, out to water the garden and get sunlight and fresh air, back in for coffee and the start of my real day.

I went to work on my company websites. Along with a partner, I own a vinyl wall decals company. I do all the website work and my partner does all the production. It supports us well enough that it is now all either of us does.

Then the CRASH!!!

No crash when using cbd oil for sleeping

I had my normal breakfast of berries and herbs from the garden while watering. I had a normal lunch which was probably mostly cucumbers because my garden just keeps making them.

I went back to work writing on my computer. I was being rather productive. I made it through my tasks. Then I felt hungry.

Hmm…too early to be hungry. It can’t be past 2 yet. I haven’t crashed yet.

The clock read 4:45. I had been going strong for just under 12 hours.

The CRASH didn’t come. Normally, I am also edgy after a short night of sleep (OK I am downright grumpy!). I was calm. Again, very oddly calm. I always appear even-keeled to the rest of the world, but inside is a different story. Yet, I was calm inside. I was at peace. This was a very new feeling for me.

More Research

Sitting on the couch during my chill time I did a little Googling on my phone. I knew CBD Oil for sleeping was well documented. That was why I tried it, but I never really Googled it for much more than that. Yes, CBD Oil does amazing things for anxiety and depression. The study results are better than that of prescription drugs with absolutely no side effects. CBD treats cancer? Wow, this stuff is really cool. No side effects at all. Treats things that are life-threatening and debilitating. Pretty cool, but honestly, I only cared about sleeping.

Don’t get me wrong, I was not in lala land. I was not high. That is impossible with CBD Oil. There is no THC in CBD Oil. THC is the component of cannabis that makes people high. That is exactly why CBD Oil is legal in ALL 50 states.

As evening turned into night I started my new routine again eager to see what the new night would bring. Surely this was just a fluke of some sort. Surely even if this stuff worked it couldn’t work this fast. Hmm…when was the last time I was eager to go to bed?

Did you know that CBD Oil is considered a possible solution to the Opioid Crisis?  It is so effective helping people break the addiction that it is being studied all over the place for that.  You can read about that here  –>

My Thoughts on the Day

Honestly, I was conservatively optimistic. I wasn’t really ready to believe this CBD Oil was gonna fix my sleeping issues. But, I think was actually a little excited and just wouldn’t allow myself to enjoy it. I was facing a decade old problem and made progress in one night??? Impossible I say!

Image of Thoughts for CBD Oil Article

But what if?

What if what the research shows is true?

What if my fog is lifting?

What if I can return to being the person I was?

What if using CBD Oil for Sleeping really does help me?

What if…

My journey continues tomorrow with my next update. I hope you join me for it. Just maybe we will both learn something.

As always, I would absolutely love your comments and questions below. I am on a journey that may prove fruitful to both of us. If you have found this at all helpful, please share it on Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and anywhere else you can think of. That is about the best compliment I can receive.  The buttons to do so should be floating off to the side.

If you are interested in testing out CBD Oil for yourself, just look over to your right on the screen.  There should be a blueish box near the top that you can click if you want to join me on this journey.

Thanks so much for reading. I wish you nothing but the best on your journey wherever it is headed.

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  1. Benji

    Thanks for this really useful post! I have difficulties sleeping regularly myself actually, so this was a great article to come across. Do you think the fact you felt calm might have been a placebo kind of effect, or was it definitely connected to the CBD oil?

    • Kevin Mansoor

      It is very hard to say but I wasn’t fully aware of using CBD Oil for anxiety when I started this so I do not think so. Plus, the calm has been consistent for almost a week now.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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