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CBD Oil for Natural Insomnia Relief ~ Day 18 of My Test

Does CBD Oil provide Natural Insomnia Relief?

Natural insomnia relief with CBD Oil

Yesterday morning was strange as I mentioned. This morning was also strange. Both of these mornings were strange in good ways though. Welcome to day 19 of my test using CBD Oil for natural insomnia relief.

It has been a great ride so far and I am so happy I started this journey. After four straight years of debilitating insomnia, I thought I would never find a solution. And insomnia brings anxiety and depression along for the ride in many cases. It was definitely the case for me.

Then a friend asked if I wanted to join their team and distribute CBD Oil and I was thinking no way. Yet, in the back of my mind, I remembered reading about CBD Oil for sleeping at a time when CBD Oil wasn’t available to me. I was suddenly thinking, I am not sure I want to distribute it, but I do want to try it.

19 days into my trial I so happy I did. And I love the product so much that I just felt compelled to share it with as many people as I can and this site was born. I am fast becoming one of CBD Oil’s biggest fans. I set many other projects aside to focus on this for a while. I have been researching, reading, experimenting, and discussing nothing but CBD Oil for about 20 days now.

So, thanks for finding my journey. Let’s get this rolling and see if I am still getting natural insomnia relief from CBD Oil.

Last Night

Yesterday was pretty much a day off from work day. I did my post in the morning but not much else. I caught up some stuff in the garden and preserved a bunch of food as the garden is producing way more than I can eat now. I was relaxed and productive all day, just no in the work way.

I ended up staying up until just after 10 pm and pretty sure I was asleep by 10:30. Everything went smooth and easy despite some distractions in the house and on my mind.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the best night sleep because of the distractions and such. Turns out I was surprised.

6 am and I Rolled Out of Bed

Nearly another 8 hours of sleep. Two days in a row and this last one with distractions. That is amazing to me. As I write this at 11 am I have already done one other post, a handful of significant marketing tasks, watered the garden, made breakfast, and refilled the dehydrator for the day. It is going to be a highly productive day by the look of things.

Am I feeling perfect? No, I am not. My head is just a tad fuzzy and I have some very slight general pain in my neck. To some degree, I think my body is adjusting to moving so much less during the night. I am sleeping and as silly as it sounds I think my body needs to readjust to that. It has been four years since I Have slept as well as I have the last two nights.

And That Odd Thought?

Man With Questions

Yesterday I mentioned that I had an odd thought regarding what appeared to be a benefit from the CBD Oil that was not on my radar at all. That thought continues as my symptoms from a different problem seem to have drastically diminished. Sorry, but I am still not ready to discuss this in full detail. I want to be sure before I say anything. Two days just isn’t significant enough in my mind to want to tell others that there may be hope. I am going to go-slow on this.

Have you read my post on What CBD Extract actually is? Have you read my post on how CBD Oil works in the body? If you have then you understand that our body is designed to use CBD Oil. It has a system called the Endocannabinoid System that affects our entire body. This system communicates from the body to the brain. When this system runs properly, our bodies are healthier physically and emotionally.

I believe that using CBD Oil, which used to be in our diets, helps to balance our bodies back out. It helps to put us back into a state of homeostasis. When we are in homeostasis we are running at near peak levels. It should our goal always to stay balanced and as near to homeostasis as possible.

I think as this journey of mine continues, I am going find a great many ailments start to fade away. I think I am going to find a level of health I haven’t experienced in decades. Only time will tell but I am going to continue to mintier my results for you as honestly and objectively as I can.

Let’s Keep it Quick

I am going to keep this post short. I am going to spend some extra time today doing more research into some benefits of CBD Oil that are not as widely talked about. I will give you some updates to that tomorrow and hopefully have some in-depth technical posts for you later.

The bottom line here is that I am getting natural insomnia relief from using CBD Oil for sleep. I am using regular CBD Oil twice a day as well as a CBD Oil based Sleep Spray at night.

Wanna Share?

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Thanks for reading. Feel free to send me a direct email using the contact button below.

Have a fantastic day!


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