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CBD Oil for Insomnia ~ Day 15 of my 30 Day Test

I guess this is the half-way point of my test of using CBD Oil for insomnia. So, far it has been a great experience although the last few days have had some issues that I will share more about below.

What is most important though is that I am 15 days off of the sleeping pills or any aid besides the CTFO CBD Oil and the CTFO CBD Sleep Spray. No more prescriptions like the ones that put me in the hospital and caused concern I would be in agony for the rest of my life. My left leg is still numb in places a year later from the side effects’ of the prescription drugs. No more OTC Sleeping Pill either. Just CBD Products.

And I Am Sleeping

Yup, I am sleeping better than I have in about 8 years. It has taken a while to get my schedule readjusted to this new level of sleep but last night I was still working at 10:30. That’s 2 hours past what I would have called my bedtime just 16 days ago. Think about that for a minute. Using CBD Oil for insomnia has given me back 2 hours a day. That is 60 hours a month. That is an amazing gift.

Plus at 10:30 I was dealing with a frustrating website issue that had been plaguing me for over a week. Normally I would have brandished a hammer in a threatening manner at my poor computer while insulting it with a full array of angry hurtful words lol. Yet, I was calm and productive. My mind was still clear. Yes, I was tired but not to the point of being non-functional.

However, I can’t say it has all been a bed of roses…

CBD Oil for Insomnia

Well, Maybe With the Thorns Still On

As I wrote yesterday, I thought that maybe I was detoxing. I had a couple of restless nights of sleep plagued with weird dreams and a headache that I just couldn’t shake. Normally I would have popped some Advil but something kept telling me not to. I am not opposed to an occasional aid for a problem like that. Yet, I had been two weeks off of the sleeping pills and sometimes those were Advil PM.

I decided to just tough it out.

It got pretty bad yesterday and I had to take several breaks to keep working. Yet, as I mentioned, I was still working at 10:30 despite a headache.

I think there are two things going on here.

  1. I am readjusting to dreaming again. The pills pretty much disrupted my sleep cycles and took away much dreaming for years. I am making up for it now. I am reaching the REM stage of sleep several times during the night. I am dreaming a lot and much of it quite strange. I suspect it is possible I just need to get used to this again.
  2. I am detoxing from years of pills. Those pills have to take a toll on our body and do things we simply don’t know about. Those chemicals likely leave microscopic traces behind. Plus, your body simply gets used to them. I stopped them cold turkey when I started the CBD Oil. No regrets, my sleep is better and if this is detoxing, then let it happen.

So, yes, yesterday was rough but I think that is a reflection of where my life had gotten to and not a direct effect of the CBD Oil.

And Now Today

I am guessing I was asleep by about 11 last night. I was pretty much fully awake at 7 am. It was still a disruptive sleep mostly with the headache and dreams. I think the dreams would wake me and the headache made me toss and turn a lot. However, I still feel very rested and energetic. It is about 10:40 am as I write this.

I did wake up with the headache still. However, it has faded away. I believe I had some relief yesterday also and then it came back with a vengeance. I am hopeful that won’t be the case today. Time will tell and, of course, I will update you tomorrow.

My Thoughts on CBD Oil for Insomnia

I have to say that I already feel like this test has been a great success. Yet, I will continue in order to determine if the effects’ will be maintained. By all accounts, the research says it will. But, I need to know for sure for me and also so I can share the experience with you. I am hopeful that my test and experiences will help others find the relief they seek.

CBD Oil from CTFO

I am using the CTFO CBD Oil at a dosage of 20 Drops twice a day of the 500mg strength. There are 4 strengths available ~ 300mg, 500mg, 750, and 1500mg. I chose the 500mg as I did not have any other health issues on my radar when I started this test. I have always thought that my insomnia was the root of most other things that have bothered me through the years.

With that said, I am going to buy the 1500mg CTFO CBD Oil when my current bottle gets low. Why? Well, as I have been reflecting on how I feel over the past few weeks, I decided that there are some other issues I need to work on. However, more importantly, my research on CBD Oil has taught me how we used to get this in our diets quite regularly. Also, our bodies have an entire system, the Endocannabinoid System, that is specifically designed to use cannabinoids such as CBD Oil.

CBD Oil seems to really help us rebalance our bodies. It improves the communication between our bodies and our brains and helps to correct incorrect signals the brain may have been receiving. This would include things like inflammation that can simply be turned off when the correct signals are being sent.  I can attest to the fact that using CBD Oil for insomnia has really helped me.

So, my next test will be to use the 1500mg oil and monitor as many aspects of how I feel at the strongest dose. I will monitor other conditions that I will share when I start that process. From there, we will just see what my body tells me is next.

And Then the Dogs

CBD Oil Treats for Dogs

Yep, they make CBD Oil for dogs as well. You see, dogs and all mammals have that same Endocannabinoid System as we do. Dogs everywhere are showing amazing improvements in their health as well when using CBD Oil.  So, I have two large dogs that are getting a bit older.  One, in particular, is not nearly as spunky as she once was.  I will be testing the CBD Oil Treats for Dogs out shortly with them.

Oh yeah, and that anxiety and depression I mention the CBD Oil seemed to be helping me with…yep, not a trace of it in two weeks. So, yes, right now, I am sold on the value of CBD Oil. It has no side effects’ known, it is natural and used to be part of our diets, and it has amazing benefits for our health.

Are you ready to try it? Just click on the logo below to purchase some. It has a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing to lose…except maybe depression, pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

what is CBD Extract photo

Once again, I wish you the best on your journey.


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If this was your first post on this journey, I recommend you read the introductory post to understand my starting point.  Does CBD Oil help sleep?


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