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CBD for Sleep ~My Personal Test Results

CBD for Sleep ~ My 30 Day Test

success with cbd for sleep

If you have been following along, you know that I started a 30-day test of CBD Oil for insomnia. I have been writing almost daily posts recording what I have been experiencing.

There is so much questionable information on the web these days that I wanted to present my results to you in the most trustworthy way possible. I felt daily posts were the best way to do that.

CBD Oil is a hot topic right now and will be for a very long time. Almost daily there is a new study released that talks about some new benefit of CBD Oil being discovered. From anxiety to cancer to pain management to sleep quality, CBD Oil may just hold the promise of better quality of life for many people.

As a market, Forbes magazine stated that the CBD Oil market was ready to explode. They forecast it would be well into the billions by 2020 ~ just a few years away. That means right now truly is the right time to get in on the ground floor.

That also means that right now is the right time for every scammer out there trying to make a quick buck is jumping on board. This means that there is as much disinformation out there as real information.

So, I have not just presented a bunch of fluffy statements on this site, I have presented my personal experiences. I have tried to be honest and specific in what CBD Oil has done for me. CBD for sleep has really been a game changer for me.

CBD for Sleep ~ My Results

So this is what would actually be day-25 of my test. However, I am stopping this test at this point because I am comfortable coming to conclusions. Also, my initial supply of CBD Oil ran out this morning and my new supply is arriving today. But, I changed what I purchased as I want to test a different strength of CTFO CBD Oil.

My tests will continue but not in regard to my insomnia. Here’s why…

It’s gone. The CBD Oil for sleep wiped out my insomnia in just about one dose. I continued the test for 25 days to make sure it wasn’t going to come back. It hasn’t.

In fact, my sleep quality got consistently better. I have been sleeping very soundly. I am waking up feeling rested and I feel like my body is slowly getting restored after 4 years of chronic insomnia. Basically, four years of drug-induced unconsciousness.

I believe my body has a lot more recovery ahead as that will take time. But my sleep is so consistent now, that I do not foresee it changing negatively at this point.

Some Quantifiable Results

Using CBD Oil for Sleeping

A month ago, my average day was rolling out of bed at about 5 am. I was groggy and had horrible brain fog. I would drink a pot, yes a pot, of coffee and proceed with my day. It would take about 90 minutes for the coffee to fully energize me. I would get about 3 solid hours of feeling decent and good productivity. Then I would start to fade and by 2 pm I was really getting tired. I would force myself to attempt to work until 5 pm. Then I would crash. I would make some dinner and then find myself horizontal on the couch. I would check the clock every ten minutes just hoping to see that 8 pm had arrived so that I could justify going to bed. I would drug myself to unconsciousness. Then I would repeat the same scenario the next day.

Now, I go to bed about 10 pm. I am still alert and functional at this time and have actually done some more work after 9 pm. I would go to bed and fall asleep fairly easily. I normally wake up between 5:30 and 6:30. I actually feel awake and rested. I linger in bed for maybe 30 minutes just really enjoying the relaxed state I am in.

Then, I am up and at my computer. My productivity has soared. I am easily getting a solid 10 hours of work in before 5 pm. I am NOT DRINKING ANY COFFEE AT ALL! Yup, not a single cup. I am alert and focused all day. I have very little brain fog although some still lingers. I am hoping to see continued improvement there as my body fully recovers from the past four years.

So, I have increased my productivity during my work time by 5 or 6 times. I have gained about 5 hrs a day of useful time. I feel better and feel like I am still improving.

I have suffered quite a bit from anxiety during the past 4 years. The CBD Oil replaced the anxiety with an overall sense of calm within 6 hours of my first dose. I have been exposed to a few triggers and my body has not responded at all. The calm has remained. I am looking forward to some more tests and will be placing myself in some circumstances that would normally cause a lot of anxiety in the next few months. I will post how I do in those situations as they occur.

What’s Next for My Ongoing CBD Oil Tests?

The CBD Oil that has arrived today is the 1500mg bottle. This is the strongest bottle the CTFO makes. My previous bottle was 500mg. Why the change?

Well, the 500mg has been amazing for my insomnia. It has been so amazing that it has caused me to wonder if a few more serious health conditions I have can also be helped with CBD Oil. Here is a quote from the CTFO website regarding the 1500mg drops:

“The 1500mg drops are the highest level of CBD oil to support the body’s antiviral and natural healing capabilities.”

So, I want to see what is next. What can CBD Oil really do for me? The sleep has been amazing. I started with that quest as I have always felt it was the biggest issue in my health. It was affecting me physically and mentally. While I have other issues that may be far more serious, they don’t affect my quality of life per se as much as insomnia did. With that gone, I am ready to tackle the bigger issues

Stay Tuned for More Great CBD Oil Information

Over the course of this test, I have done tons of research. Much of it I have already written about here on this site. I have three rather in-depth articles that you may enjoy. The first deals with “What is CBD Extract?”, the second one is “How Does CBD Oil Work in Our Bodies”, and the third is “How to use CBD Oil for Sleeping.” Check these out if you really want to learn more about CBD Oil.

I am working on even more. I still plan to share almost daily. I am working a bunch of different articles right now as I research. I will add posts very soon for topics like CBD Oil and Anxiety, CBD Oil for Cancer, CBD Oil for Dogs, and so very much more.

Final Conclusions

CBD Oil for sleep was 100% successful in dealing with my insomnia. Additionally, it has made incredible changes to my anxiety issues, it has made me incredibly calm, it has helped with my depression. I also suspect it has helped with a few other areas that I am paying close attention to. I think the 1500mg CTFO CBD Oil is going to continue to improve those areas.

If you are suffering from insomnia on anxiety I strongly urge you to consider trying to CBD Oil. My bottle of 500mg Oil cost me about $60. I compare that to what I have spent on new pillows, mattress toppers, prescription drugs, hospital bills from the drugs, lost time, lost productivity, and lost enjoyment of life. There simply is no comparison. Knowing what I now know, I would have paid hundreds of dollars for that first bottle and this level of success.

You can buy CTFO Oil for yourself by clicking on the blue ad on the right side of your screen up near the top.

Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me. I hope that whatever you came to this page looking for you have found. If not, just shoot me an email using the contact button below.


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  1. Philip

    Hi Kevin,

    You know Kevin, some nights it takes a while for me to sleep. I could do with something like CBD Oil for sleep. I wondering, does it give you a kind of a ‘baked’ feeling. CBD Oil is going to help so many people across the Globe and I have even witnessed a some people take it in my town for the likes of life threatening conditions.

    I notice to that it can help with pain relief as well. So I could do with some of that as I am tired of how all these over the counter medications make me feel so really I have stopped taking them a very long time ago. Always looking for a natural way to deal with any pain issues like man kind did before the invention of the chemist.

    Also, big pharma is known for selling a pill for, oh I don’t know – pick something – say irritable bowels. Then they have surplus and then they repackage it for – oh, anything, throw a dart at the DSM – and then serve up the same pills for ermm a headache! All proven in the past, so I am saying nothing new here.

    All these prescription drugs are completely illegal to sell! But not if a Doctor gives you a prescription, then we see the Gov’s, Doc’s, Pharma-Chemists and Big Pharma running the biggest drug racket in the world with medicines that can be addictive and also have ‘DEATH’ as their ‘SIDE EFFECT’!

    ‘SIDE EFFECTS’ DON’T EXIST!!! Those ARE THE RESULT (RESULT!!) of polluting your body, from symbols of trust like Doctors, which also tend to wipe out much of your guts much needed good cells etc.

    OK!! I scared myself into wanting to buy this CBD Oil Kevin! – Where can I buy some please?


    • Kevin Mansoor

      HI Philip, Great questions. No, I don’t feel the CBD at all other than I feel a great sense of calm. There is ABSOLUTELY no high at all or any unpleasant sensation. I now take it every morning and every night. More and more my research shows this is an essential nutrient that our bodies need. There is a link on each page of the site on the right side of the screen in a blue box. It will take you to the sales page if you want to buy some.

      Thanks for swinging.

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