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CBD and Sleep. Day 17 of my Personal Test

CBD and Sleep

success with cbd oil for sleep

This morning was the strangest morning of my test so far. I mean, seriously strange. CBD for sleep has been transforming my life.

I certainly was not expecting the instantaneous results I got. My improvement started on my first night. It wasn’t that it was this amazing night of sleep, but when I was woken up that night, I was calm. The CBD had almost immediately removed my anxiety and replaced it with calm.

Over the next few weeks, my sleep improved almost nightly. I have now been off of all sleep aids for 17 days. In the past four years, I went two nights occasionally to give my body a break as I have never been one to like taking pills. Yet, that two days of break for my body invariably meant two nights with minimal sleep for me.

So 17 days is almost inconceivable to me. Yet, here I am. CBD and Sleep! 17 days no help.

Yesterday’s Results

As I told you in yesterday’s post, I was up at 5 and did my test entry starting at about 7 am.

After that, I had a pretty normal day. I worked a lot. I dehydrated a bunch of stuff from the garden. I took normal breaks and just chilled.

The day went smooth and uneventful. I was not some super dynamo of productivity. I have had those days since this test started. They are great when they occur and I am always thankful for them. However, they are not sustainable long-term no matter how much CBD and Sleep I get.

The day was at least double the productivity of a normal day four weeks ago. Plus, this day is the type of day that is starting to feel like my new normal. That is very exciting.

Even better, I stayed up until after 10 pm, after getting up at 5 am, and was not exhausted when I went to bed. By comparison, I would get up around 5 am in the past and do my best to be productive until 5 pm. Then I would crash. I would almost be non-functional. I would make some food for dinner, sit on the couch to eat, and wouldn’t get up until bedtime.

Honestly, I didn’t feel at all good about myself for the last four years in large part because of this. I am a worker. I do something I enjoy and I enjoy being highly productive. Don’t get me wrong, I love to play as well. However, I am at a time in my life when play is on the back burner. Right now I am focused on my professional life with the intent that in a few years I can focus almost exclusively on my play life.

CBD Oil appears to have given me back as many as FIVE hours a day. From a useful day ending around 5 pm and a bedtime between 8 and 9 pm to a useful day ending around 10 pm with a 10 pm bedtime. What a change in my life.

And Then The Morning

I mentioned it was my strangest morning yet and that it was. Last night I went to bed around 10 pm and pretty sure I fell asleep very quickly.

That’s when something amazing happened. I slept. I know, I have been sleeping the last 15 or so nights. And that is true but each of those nights had little issues such as waking earlier than I wanted, heavy dreaming with tossing and turning, etc. They were all better than the past and they were improving each night. And then, last night.

I slept from just after 10 PM to just about 6 AM. No bathroom trips, no remembered tossing and turning, dreaming but no disruptive dreaming. Nearly 8 hrs of uninterrupted sleep!!! That really felt like a miracle.

And the day? Well, so far I simply feel great. Perfect? Of course not. I still have plenty of issues in my life. Yet, getting sleep, I feel like those other obstacles are now ones that I can conquer.

An Odd Thought

And a little odd thought started to form in the back of my mind. A new “positive side effect?” By side effect, I simply mean a new benefit that was not on my radar. I am not quite ready to share this yet. I am not trying to tease you, but rather, I am don’t want to state something as a benefit without more evidence than a day. I want this site to share conservative information and research. It is not my intent to try to be on the forefront of the CBD Oil topic.

If I see continued results, I will not only share it, I will be screaming it from the mountaintops. Yet, I need more time and also want to do some research to see if anyone has looked into what I am feeling. At his point, having done a ton of research on CBD Oil benefits, I have not encountered CBD Oil being mentioned for this topic. Nor have I specifically searched for information on it.

I will do some specific research, continue to pay attention to what my body is or isn’t doing and will report back to you when I can do so in a conservative responsible manner. Stay tuned and follow my posts to hopefully hear some very exciting news in the future.

Concluding Remarks

Clearly, I am of the belief that CBD and sleep are a match for me. I started my test 17 days ago and have seen continual improvement in several areas. Here is a summary of those improvements

CBD and Sleep Benefits

  1. Improved sleep each night. Last night was extremely good.
  2. My Anxiety has been virtually wiped away
  3. Depression, less prevalent than the anxiety had been, also wiped away
  4. Energy Level Higher
  5. Focus significantly HIgher
  6. Brain Fog almost entirely gone
  7. Several new hours of life added to each day – what a gift!
  8. No longer needing a pot of coffee each morning to wake up ~ in fact, no coffee at all
  9. And, possibly, this new mystery benefit ~ Extremely life changing.

Wow, that was the first time I really just listed them all out even for myself. It is hard to believe that list based on my past. To say this isn’t a miraculous change is tough. If I was you, I may even be skeptical. I probably would be. I, probably like you, have gotten excited about some natural cure for something before only to have had zero results even though tons of people were clamoring about it. I don’t like getting burn.

That is EXACTLY why I am approaching this site the way I am. There are a lot of sites out there with information about CBD Oil. Some of them trustworthy, and of course, some of them are not. I am hoping that as you read my posts, you will get a feel for the honesty I am trying to share with. I am hoping that by documenting each day that you will see a natural progression of what is happening to me.

Would I love it if you bought CBD Oil through my links? Of course. Yes, I would make some money to help me justify the time I spend on this site, but mostly, when I see someone make a purchase, I feel like maybe someone’s life is going to get better. CBD and sleep have been a game changer for me.

What part of your game might CBD Oil change in your life?

CBD Oil has many benefits being reported. One of the biggest is a significant decrease in chronic pain. I don’t talk about that one much yet because I don’t suffer from chronic pain and I wanted to base the starting point for this site on what I could personally attest to.

Research is showing it helps with sleep, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, cancer, epilepsy, fibromyalgia and more. No negative side effects have been reported so far that I have found in my research. CBD Oil is showing amazing promise.

When you are ready to try CBD Oil, please use CTFO CBD Oil. Buy it from or buy it somewhere else, I don’t care, but my research says it is the best. It is working for me. I would hate to see someone try an inferior brand and not get results and then not find their hope. If you are ready now, just click on the CTFO Logo below. If you want to do more research make sure to check out my article on “What is CBD Extract?” which will give you some great information about what this substance is. Then read “How Does CBD Oil Work in the Body?” as it will explain what is happening when you take it. Of course, feel free to email me at the contact button below. I am happy to share what I can.

what is CBD Extract photo

Thanks so much for reading.

Please have a simply amazing day.

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Make sure to check out the Introductory post on my test if you haven’t. It gives you a good background of what I had gone through and where I started this journey from. CBD Oil and Sleep.


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