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Anxiety and Sleeplessness Remedies ~ My CBD Oil Test: Day 21

Anxiety and Sleeplessness Remedies

Let’s face it, insomnia sucks and so does anxiety. They feed off of each other and start a downward spiral. Four years of sleep issues led me to ask “Are there and Anxiety and Sleeplessness Remedies?”

Anxiety and Sleeplessness Remedies

My question was answered when I was introduced to CBD Oil. CBD Oil has been shown through numerous studies to be an effective tool to fight insomnia. It has also been shown through many studies to help reduce or eliminate anxiety. If you have been suffering from both, it may just be the remedy you are looking for.

While there are many supposed anxiety and sleeplessness remedies, CBD Oil is the only one that has at all worked for me.

I discovered this on Day 1 of my 30-day test. My anxiety vanished and I had a decent night of sleep. That was my first decent night of sleep in four years without the use of either prescription sleeping pills or OTC sleeping pills. Today is day 21 of my test and I am so very happy to say that my sleep patterns are probably considered normal now. My anxiety has stayed away and I feel much more like myself than I have in years.

Anxiety and Sleep

You probably know from your own experience that anxiety and sleep are very interconnected. When we are tired we don’t think clearly and often make bad decisions. Our reactions become impaired. Our stress levels go up. So, we try to get a good nights sleep to correct ourselves.

For some this works, for me it did not. When I would go to bed I would get more anxious about trying to sleep. This would turn into a vicious cycle that would give me less sleep, then more anxiety, then less sleep, then more anxiety… It was not a pleasant time in my life.

CBD Oil from CTFO

CBD Oil specifically works with our endocannabinoid system to help our bodies and brain communicate better. It helps the brain to be better informed as to what is really going on. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety. The result is an overall feeling of calm for most people.

I can attest that the first night I took the CBD, I was woken up by an outside factor at about 3 am. Normally I would have been hit with anxiety about getting back to sleep. Yet, that night, I was completely calm. It was very strange. I then fell back asleep easily.

Since then, I have been in many situations where my anxiety would normally have kicked in. It hasn’t. It simply feels gone.

It is this combination of its ability to help the body manage stress and reduce anxiety that gives CBD Oil it’s one-two punch of power as one of the best anxiety and sleeplessness remedies out there.

Day 21 ~ CBD for Sleep Test

I was actually awake later than I wanted to be last night. I simply wasn’t tired as 10 pm came around. It was quite strange really. I am guessing I fell asleep around 11:15.

Then, at 3:45 am, my phone blasted an emergency alert tone which about blew me out of bed. It was incredibly obnoxious. I was in a very deep sleep when it happened and I was clearly not ready to be awake. Yet, that alarm brought a lot of adrenaline with it. By the time I was focused enough to check my phone to see if this was something I needed to be aware of, I was absolutely wide awake.

And the tone…absolutely nothing.

However, I simply had too much adrenaline flowing to go back to sleep. CBD Oil is amazing but it can’t stop all outside factors from ruining a night of sleep. I will let you know tomorrow how my energy held up today.

So, Are You Suffering From Anxiety and Sleep Issues?

CBD Oil and Anxiety Ends Suffering

I suspect you are or you probably wouldn’t have ended up here on this page. Maybe you have evaluating anxiety and sleeplessness remedies yourself. Have you found the right one for you yet?

I really do recommend that you take a serious look at CTFO CBD Oil. Will it work for you as well as it has for me? I don’t know. Being a natural product that really helps to balance our bodies out, I suspect each of us will have slightly different results. Of course, that means that you may have much better results than I have.

There are some other great articles on this site that may help you in your research. Under the “CBD Oil In Depth” tab on the menu above you will find some great articles and topics such as what CBD Oil is, how CBD Oil works in our bodies, how to use CBD Oil for sleep, and more that are being added weekly. Peruse these articles for some great summaries of much of the available research on CBD out there.  Here are the links if you want to look now.

What is CBD Extract?

How Does CBD Oil Work in Our Body

Using CBD Oil for Sleep

Are You Ready to Try CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is one of the best anxiety and sleeplessness remedies out there. CTFO CBD Oil is definitely the best out there. It is ultra pure, uses only non-GMO Hemp, has the lowest possible amount of THC, and is made without ever using heat to maximize the effectiveness of the product.

I have been conducting my test with the 500mg strength CBD Oil from CTFO. If you click on the logo below, you will be taken to the site where you can purchase some and give a test for yourself. They even offer a 60-day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

what is CBD Extract photo

Thank you so much for reading today’s entry into my 30-day test of using CBD for improved sleep. If I can answer any questions, please just send me an email through the contact button below or just leave a comment in the comments section.

Good luck on your journey.


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