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Join Me on an Incredible Journey!

Thank You Note

Well, thanks for clicking through to this page to learn more about me. Not a lot of people read the about pages on a website. The fact that you have, tells me you are serious about learning about CBD OIL and possibly an opportunity to earn good money at the same time. So whether you are looking for some solid information on some great CBD Oil products or as a way to combine a passion for helping people while helping yourself, you are in the right place. Read on to learn a little about me and why I started this journey.

A Pretty Conservative Guy

Basically, I am a pretty conservative guy and not necessarily one you would have thought of as getting into the CBD arena. I had a strong corporate career where I ran a chain of 120 retail stores on the West Coast of the US. I have owned 5 different businesses of my own and purchased at least 4 others and merged them into mine. I have worked in industries ranging from consumer electronics to garden centers. I have always worked my way to the top through hard work combined with creative problem-solving.

As I approach 54 years of age at the time of this writing, I make 100% of my income online now. I own a company called Scripture Wall Art which makes and sells Scripture and Motivation Vinyl Wall Decals. Along with a partner, we sell over $100,000 of vinyl decals a year. You can check out our sites here if you wish

We are Amazon Professional Sellers and Ebay Top Rated Sellers and Power Sellers.

I have a pretty darn good thing going.

So Why on Earth Add CBD OIL Distributing into the Mix?

Well, as simply as I can say this…I am adding it for a good night’s sleep. You see, I have had horrible insomnia for the past four years and trouble sleeping for at least a decade before that. It has been a terrible roller coaster ride. It has affected my health in so many areas, affected my life in so many areas, and really changed me as a person.

Sleepy Person using cbd oil for sleeping

Prescription drugs put me into such a horrible haze that I actually have over a year that I can barely remember and what I do remember isn’t pretty. I made some horrendous decisions that will likely haunt me for a very long time.  Those same prescription drugs had such horrible side effects when I got off them that I ended up in the emergency room twice. For almost a month I could barely get out of bed and it was questionable whether I would walk again. Wait, what? Yes, the side effects from sleeping pills caused such a severe round of muscle spasms that they were doing serious damage. 18 months later I still have nerve damage in my left leg and only partial feeling in parts of it. And the doctors? They gave me, yes you guessed it, bottles and bottles of OPIOIDS. That was all they said they could do.

So I tried every natural insomnia remedy out there.  I read books and Googled everything I could think of.  I exercised at the right times, I meditated, I played white noise, I even rubbed castor oil on my eyelids.  You see, when you can’t sleep you will try virtually anything to sleep.  There is honestly no amount of money I wouldn’t have spent to sleep.  I knew not sleeping was costing a ton of money in lost productivity not to mention what it was doing to my health.  Honestly, I never even got a glimmer of hope.  Nothing helped me at all.  Insomnia led to depression and anxiety on the good days.  The bad?  We don’t need to talk about those.

Since then I have been using a lot of over the counter sleep aids. It has worked as far as making me sleep better but with quite a hangover the next day. I have never quite felt right and never been as sharp as I once was. The pills were making me unconscious which I was honestly grateful for but I had been living life in a fog and frankly,

I was damn tired of it.

Hearing all the hype about CBD Oil, I had to ask, “Does CBD Oil help sleep?” So I googled CBD Oil for sleeping, CBD Dosage for Sleep, Best CBD for Sleep, and anything else I could think of. Eventually, I found something amazing. You see I had already joined a group of amazing people at an organization called Wealthy Affiliate. And I found a group of people from that organization that was working together as a team combining all the best things about working alone with all the best things about working with a team. They never wavered from their mission statement of building the business to help as many people as possible. In this world of internet marketing, they were truly a refreshing change from most of what I found online. They told me their stories. They showed me the products test results. They offered support. No pressure at all. Just here is the info, you decide. So I signed up with them totally for free with no long-term commitment at all. And then I tried the products.

And just when did I try the products? Well, at the time of writing this, just a few days ago. The results have already been amazing.

I know what you are saying, you can’t judge a product and scream about results after a few tries. Well, maybe you can’t but I sure as hell can. I slept the first night. Not all night as I was awoken by an external source at a bad hour. However, even then I could tell I had been sleeping soundly. Plus I noticed something more. There I was laying in bed in the middle of the night when I realized that this was always an anxious time. Normally the anxiety kicks in around then as I start trying really hard to go back to sleep.  That never ever works lol.  It starts a downward spiral.  But this time was different.  I had an incredible sense of calm. And the next day, after fewer hours of sleep than the pills gave me, I have more energy and peace of mind. I just felt different.  I won’t get into all that now as you can read it on my blog pages, but it has been a good test so far.

The Journey is Far From Over

But I am by no means done with the test. I committed myself to a solid 30-day evaluation. I am going to write a detailed blog post each day telling you about changes I have noticed – in my sleep, in my emotions, in my life. You see I have other health issues also. Normal aches and pains, a really irritating prostate, and a genetically bad heart. So, I am very curious what effects I may see.

And Yes, I Can Make Money Helping Others.

On the other side of this journey is probably one of the most lucrative affiliate types of programs I have ever seen. It combines everything that is great about working for yourself augmented with a team environment where it is in the best interest of the others to help you out. You see, the more I do, the more I make, the more others can make. So, other people have a personally vested interest in my success. And what do I have to do to earn? Well, mostly just help people solve health issues that may have been plaguing them for years. It may actually be one of the noblest pursuits I have ever done.  My life is already changing and helping others do the same is honestly reward enough.  If I can get paid at the same time, all the better.  But let’s be clear.  I am in this to help people.  The money is just a bonus.  The program is so flexible that I can simply work it as an affiliate income program or I can work it as a networking business and help others with their success at the same time. That is my path ~ Help people solve health issues, make some money and help others to make money. The more people I help, the more I make. The more people I help to help others, the more they make and the more I make.  It simply comes down to helping as many people as possible. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

If you would like to work with me and this great team on our mission of helping people while benefiting from a very lucrative opportunity just click the image below.  There is no pressure.  You can sign up free and read all the information on the site.  If you like what you read, we are going to have a great time.  If not, then make sure you have a great time wherever your journey is leading.

CTFO CBD Oil Company Logo


Wait, Wait, Wait, Is This Stuff even Legal???

Yes, it is in the United States in ALL 50 STATES. And a huge number of other countries as well. And it is forecast to be over a 2 BILLION Dollar Industry before 2020. That is amazing growth that I am excited to be a part of.

So, Join Me On This Journey

CBD Oil Journey

You came to this page for a reason. You have questions about CBD Oil like I did. Maybe you can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep. Maybe a loved one is fighting cancer and you keep hearing about CBD Oil for Cancer. Maybe you just want to help others live a better life. Maybe you were looking for an incredible revenue stream for an existing business. Regardless of why you are here, take the next step and send me a message. Follow my blog here and read about my 30-day test of CBD Products. Do your research. I am willing to bet you are going to come to the same conclusion I did.
If my 30-day trial doesn’t go well, this site will come down. So, since you are reading this, my test either went well, or it isn’t over yet. So peruse and email me with any questions or just leave a comment below. And don’t forget my original question…does CBD Oil help sleep…well, for me it does and that has already changed my life.

Warmest Regards and All The Best In Your Journey

Kevin Mansoor

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Some Important Links…

My Intro to the 30-Day CBD for Sleep Trial ~ Read this if you want to read about my trial of Using CBD Oil for Sleep

I use CTFO CBD Oil and you should too.  Click to find out why I use it and to investigate becoming a distributor yourself.

CTFO CBD Oil Company Logo


  1. Eelco

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for sharing the personal things which happend to you! I feel sorry for that you are struggling with this for so long already! And i’m glad that the CBD oil is working for you so far!

    To be honest i’m inspired by the fact that you are building this website to help others, if you get money for it as a bonus, you have earned that money because you help other people! It’s a path we all should take, help others to make their life also great!

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

    Wish u all the best and i hope the CBD oil keeps working for you like it does now!

    Kind regards,


    • admin

      Thanks Eelco,

      Don’t feel bad for my struggle. It has helped shape me and now I am using it to help others. That is a good combo. I am sure the CBD will keep improving many things for. I am going to continue to chronicle my test and if all goes well I will test other products on other issues in my life.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

      I hope to see you back here often. I wish you success on your journey.

  2. Russell


    It is so wonderful to meet you!
    I have just heard about CBD a few days ago and I am really eager to try it. Just as you stated and explained, CBD can help so many people that have health issues and have lost hope. I think I am going to get involved in the process!

    Any recommendations that I should try?


    • admin

      That is great Russell. I think everyone should try it. Did you know that in the original colonies it was a law that all farms had to grow Hemp? That is what this is. It was a major food source in the past so everyone got the benefits of this in their diet. Now we can get those benefits again.

      So, yes try it. Send me an email and we can talk more about what you want to accomplish. I started with the 500mg CBD Oil but I think I would have started higher if I read more. I am getting older and have some health issues that i would have hit stronger if I had known how many things this is being used for. Oh well, more tests to write about as I go.

      And yes, I would certainly be blessed if you joined this journey with me. I will support you in any way I can.

  3. Mick

    Hey Kevin, well you certainly have had a busy corporate life and whilst mine as not been as busy, so glad to get out of it and start doing something that I really enjoy, like yourself helping others. I’m glad to hear that you are on the right path through what does appear to be an amazing product. I have heard many good things about hemp oil and believe it or not my other half is having problems with sleeping so I am going to check it out. Any particular brand ’cause I’m sure there will be products of poor quality on the market. I’m in the UK though! Who would have known, as I am an avid match angler and have used hemp for 20+ years but never dreamed that one day this could be a live saver? Onwards and upwards and keep healthy. Thank you for sharing I really enjoyed my visit.

    • admin

      Hi Mick,

      I really recommend the CTFO here on my site. I did a ton of research and nothing else really comes close. It is also a lot less expensive than some other brands while being much better.

      You can click on any of the CTFO links here and order. The UK is in the program.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. Joanne Jensen

    Hi Kevin,
    Thank you for sharing the struggles you have gone through with such honesty. Your story really touched me and you never gave up. I am so glad you found something that gives you quality of life, and that it seems to be working in many ways. Your health, your business and your feeling of accomplishment. We can’t as for much more than that.

    My sister has a lot of back pain, and she asked me to look up information on CBD oil. I have learned it can come from hemp or from marijuana. Have you heard of both of these sources? DO you know if either helps with chronic pain? I would really be interested for my sister’s sake to hear your opinion.


    • Kevin Mansoor

      Hi Joanne,

      So hemp and Marijuana are basically the same plants. However, marijuana has been cultivated for THC which is what makes people high. Hemp is basically the original plant and contains very little THC. In the process of making CBD oil, the THC is pretty much eliminated. CBD Oil can have up to .3% THC in it which a person would never notice. However, I recommend the CTFO brand which has less than .04% THC. So a huge difference.
      And yes, CBD oil is well known for helping with chronic pain. I had a shoulder problem for over 6 weeks. I used Turmeric on it after all else failed and that really helped. It probably got 80% better. Then just 5 days ago I started my CBD test for sleeping. Yet, my shoulder pain has completely gone. I am not sure if this was the CBD but the timing might suggest it. CBD Oil fights all sorts of inflammation in the body so it makes sense. There is so little downside to trying CBD Oil that I think she should. My results are of course unique to me and I can’t say what relief she may find. In my past, I have three back surgeries. I know she is probably willing to try anything.

      I hope that helps. You can go to this link to purchase


  5. Blanka

    Hi Kevin,
    This is a great post, thanks for sharing this valuable information. CBD oil looks like a great thing – it helps to solve your health issues as well as it provides an excellent business opportunity, so you could benefit both ways.
    I’m glad you finally found relief for your sleep issues. My uncle has had sleep issues for some time and I would like to recommend CBD oil to him. How long do you need to take it for? Is there recommended period of time for its usage? Thank you and all the best!

    • Kevin Mansoor

      Hi Blanka,

      I started getting relief the first night. I also stopped months of the pills cold turkey at the same time. I don’t recommend that for others though. I knew my body was able to do that.

      I suspect I will use my full bottle now to complete my test. I think then I will stop it and see what happens to me. I think I will likely keep a bottle of the CBD Sleep spray on hand for weird nights but think the everyday use will not be necessary. I think I will continue on with the oil for some time though. My research today has actually indicated that this is an essential micronutrient that our diest use to contain before the 1950’s. I will keep this site updated with all my results though as I test these products out.


  6. stefanie taylor

    Hi Kevin, reading your story about insomnia I felt every bit of your pain. I too suffered this debilitating illness for many years; something that I’m sure was triggered by an abusive relationship when I was younger, coupled with severe depression. It’s hard to describe the pain of the kind of tiredness that builds up over years, it’s a completely different level to normal tiredness as it affects every part of your life.

    I used to try everything to sleep too and most things either didn’t work, or only worked temporarily. Eating a healthy diet helped tremendously, and when I did a 1 month complete sugar detox I found I slept like a baby, any time and anywhere I wanted to.

    These days I’m in a much better place and sleep well for 90% of the time, whereas before it was 90% not sleeping, so I can live with this.

    We sell CBD oil in the herbal apothecary where I work but we have never recommended it for sleep so far. Now we will thanks to your story.

    • Kevin Mansoor

      Hi Stefani,

      Thanks for the great information. I also tried diet changes and detox. It did help with many things but never my sleep. I know my severe depression was triggered by certain events in my life as I can take it back to a single starting point. I am glad the elimination diet worked so well for you. Everyone is different and everyone’s body has different needs. I am a believer that our body just needs to find its balance point. The stress we suffer throws us out of balance and each of us is going to have to find what helps get ourselves back in balance. Hopefully, someone reading this will also add the sugar elimination diet into their arsenal of things to try. Nobody should have to suffer too long with this.

      Thanks for visiting the site.

  7. Taianne

    Hi Kevin,
    Thank you for sharing your story. I do not pity you, I admire you for your courage, strength and mostly your determination. Many would have just given up.
    I am a registered nurse and through the course of my career, I have seen many become addicted to pain medication. That is why when I had a major operation several years ago, I only took what I needed to take the edge off of the pain and then 2 weeks after the surgery stopped taking pain medication with the exception of Tylenol because I feared the possibility of addiction.
    I had never heard of CBD until about a month ago when my daughter asked me to research it for her. She had heard of many who used it for Anxiety. After talking to my daughter-in-law, who by the way takes CBD for insomnia, and absolutely loves it. I informed my daughter of all the testimonials and information on CBD, she took the plunge and bought some. She has told me that she is happier than she has been in years since starting it!
    Now I have horrible back pain and am considering getting on the bandwagon so to speak but am hesitant due to I am on the blood thinner, Warfarin (Coumadin) and I heard that blood testing needs to be closely monitored although I do have blood tests every month I was wondering if it has to be done even more often? I need to look into this a little more.
    By the way, I cannot talk to my nurse practitioner due to she is not a believer of CBD.
    But after all the research I have done on this wonderful product I can’t understand why more do not know about it. Maybe the stigma of Marijuana? If it works without the fear of addiction then I say go for it!
    Your story is an inspiration and I thank you for sharing it! Because I am not so sure that I wouldn’t have been one of the many who would have just given up!
    Best wishes

    • Kevin Mansoor

      Thank you so much for your story and testimonials. It is exciting to hear of others being helped. After you do your research, if you decide it is right for you, please come back and purchase it here. CTFO that I use really is the best out there.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.


  8. suzanne

    Hi Kevin, great to meet you.

    I’ve heard about this amazing product and signed up myself, lol. I’m so anxious to try the products and waiting for them to arrange to ship to Canada. It should be arranged soon!

    My son and I struggle with depression and anxiety. I’ve been hearing such amazing things in this regard and hope this can mean we get off medication.

    I’m so happy to hear of your improvements too! What a blessing this is.


    • Kevin Mansoor

      Hi Suzanne,

      I am sorry to hear about the depression but excited to hear how this works for you. I have a child who suffers from a few things that CBD Oil I am hoping will resolve. I believe their product is arriving today so hopefully, I will be hearing praises soon.

      I wish you good fortune on your journey.


  9. stefanie taylor

    Hi Kevin, I have returned to your website as I have been thinking about what you said about CBD oil and sleep. I have also mentioned it to quite a few people (seems so many have sleep issues these days). Anyway, I wanted to know about whet strength you take and how much of it? Just some kind of ballpark to tell people as I’m sure it is something that may differ for everyone.

    Thanks, and if you don’t want to disclose it on here then you could PM me/ or just delete this part of the message if you do. I was going to PM you the question, but though I may as well give you some SEO instead 🙂

    • Kevin Mansoor

      Hi Stefanie, Thanks for coming back. I am happy to share what I have been using for my trial. I use the CTFO 500mg CBD Oil. I take it once in the morning and once at night as per the directions. I take 20 drops each dose. CTFO also makes a CBD Sleep Spray which I take right before bed. It has CBD blended with melatonin and Gaba. However, with that said, the real answer to the question is tricky based on my research. I think I could drop the sleep spray at this point with no issues. My belief is that it is the CBD Oil that is helping me sleep. Here’s why… If you read my posts under the CBD Oil in Depth tab, you will find that CBD Oil is actually something that used to be part of our diets. All mammals have an Endocannabinoid System which controls a huge portion of our physiology. That system (the ECS) is designed to utilize CBD Oil. However, CBD Oil doesn’t actually directly interact with it. Instead, it encourages our bodies to make its own cannabinoids. This allows the ECS to function better. The ECS system helps regulate things like mood, temperature control, memory, inflammation, pain, and more. By encouraging our bodies to make these endocannabinoids, our entire body communicates better with our brain. This allows our brain to better operate our body. Suddenly, inflammation starts going down which reduces pain. This is because the brain is now getting the right information and realizes the inflammation isn’t needed and thus turns it off. Obviously, I could write a book just on this topic, but I just am trying to illustrate what CBD Oil actually does. I believe Cannabidiol (CBD) will someday soon be discovered to be an essential nutrient that we have been depriving ourselves of. It clearly appears to be balancing my body out in many ways ~ some that no one has released research on yet. Taking the CBD Oil appears to eliminated my anxiety and depression. It has given me back my sleep which has translated into over two additional hours of functional time that I am awake. I have aches and pains that come with age that has all but disappeared. As I have studied this, I find more and more evidence that the CBD isn’t directly doing all these things as much as it is putting my body back into homeostasis. As my body returns to a balanced state, it is simply taking care of itself. This is why CBD Oil seems to affect so many parts of our bodies. So, I don’t know if the question is really about how much CBD Oil to take to sleep, or how badly is someone’s body out of balance. I think everyone is going to react differently. Knowing what I now know, I am going to increase my next bottle to a 1500mg one. I am going to see what that does to another health issues I have not shared yet. I am seeing some improvement already in one area where the Doctor has told me improvement can’t occur, only management. Yet, my symptoms are decreasing at what is considered basically a maintenance dose. So, for me, I am going to up my dose for at least a month, then drop to the 750mg for two months, and then back to the 500mg as my maintenance level ongoing. Unless my body tells me differently along the way.

      Sorry if that didn’t help much lol. I just feel like we are looking at this nutrient wrong. It isn’t so much a dosing question as it a personal balance question. Remember what happens when we deprive our bodies of just nutrient like Vitamin C. We get scurvy and entire ships of people would die. CBD is just one nutrient that affects the entire body. However, CBD is just one cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. THERE ARE 60 OTHERS! Each of these is slowly starting to be researched as each of them holds the promise of medicinal use. Someday, I think we will find that using all of them together will have a synergistic effect on our entire body. Our bodies are literally designed to be using these substances and we have denying ourselves of them.

      I hope that helps. Please ask away if I can clarify something.

      Thanks so much for visiting. I wsh you and all those you talk to good luck with this compound. I can’t promise anyone else the results I am seeing as we are all different but I truly hope others make progress with whatever ails them.


  10. stefanie taylor

    Hi Kevin, I really appreciate your thorough response. There is just so much I didn’t know about this stuff and you have literally blown my mind. I believe we are living in exiting times with this and so many are going to be healed.

    It’s really interesting that you are finding improvements in other areas and not just sleep and I can’t wait to read your upcoming posts with the results. I will direct as many people as I can to your website, especially from work. Like I said, I work in a herbal apothecary so I meet many people looking for natural healing.

    I’m really happy you have found something that allows you to sleep as I know only to well the hell that you have been through with insomnia.

    Thanks for your wonderful website, I know it is going to help so many people 🙂

    • Kevin Mansoor

      Thanks Stefanie, Check back often as I am researching daily and reporting daily as best as I can. And thanks for the questions. That really helps me focus my research efforts.


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